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The 2014 Gamification Forecast

The 2014 Gamification ForecastWe are close to leveling up to 2014, which means it’s time to take a peek forward at the state of gamification and what we can expect in the new year. Based on the experiences in 2013 and the gamification trends that we have seen through our work at Enterprise Gamification Consulting, here is what we will see in the next 12 months.


#1 Gamification is here to stay

Whenever you see an article asking “Is Gamification a buzz/hype/fad?” (feel free to replace gamification with any other concept and technology and you get the same picture), you know that it’s not a fad anymore and the author needs to hurry in order not to miss the train.

We are in the fourth year of gamification, with close to two dozen gamification conferences having taken place on a global scale in 2013. Over 100 studiesmasters and doctoral thesis published on the topic demonstrate a viable and scientific interest in gamification.

And not only gamification is here to stay, so is the name itself. Even if you don’t like the term (and those discussion seem to have more shelf life than they should), the battle is lost. Gamification is here to stay. Move on, don’t make this awkward.

#2 HR will Drive Gamification

Corporations worldwide have been doing a phenominally catastrophic job of managing their most important resources: people.Gallup’s long-running studies on employee engagement reveil that on a global scale only 13% of employees are engaged. In other words: 87% or not engaged or actively disengaged – read: going so far as to even sabotage the company.

Part of the reason has been that although companies are spending billions of dollars every year on employee evaluations and management, nearly none of the approaches are creating the necessary data to evaluate the true performance and capabilities of an employee. Nor do they create an environment for engagement, with management often actively (and unconsciously) discouraging the same.

This interactive chart published by the Harvard Business Review gives a sad state of engagement.

Map: Global Employee Engagement (Gallup) Map: Global Employee Engagement (Gallup)

The result is the dismal state of engagement. This translates into a workforce that’s effectively underperforming. But because everyone is doing a bad job, your own bad job doesn’t stick out. We occasionally realize the true potential of engaged employees, when some superstar companies suddenly raise like meteorites.

Gamification solves two problems at once for HR: the core idea is that it’s design revolves around engaging the employees, and to achieve that it creates a large data trail of the activities. As gamification will eventually touch all aspects in an organization, HR needs to own gamification and oversee it’s implementation and operation.

Several of our customers have understood that already. All gamification initiatives are coordinated by their HR departments and put into a larger strategy. And that is another reason, why gamification is not a fad but here to stay: how can something that engages employees and creates such an invaluable amount of skill data be considered a short-lived fad?

#3 Gamification will Drive Big Data & Cloud

The gamification activity data collected will be the largest dataset inside an organization. And we talk about billions of records and terrabytes of data. Rajat Paharia, founder of gamification platform company Bunchball has been preaching that mantra for some time and made the case in his bestseller Loyalty 3.0. Simple calculations show you that gamification data will dwarf any other data that an organization creates. Assume that every employee generates through his or her daily work 100 activity-related records, from publishing a knowledgebase-article, sharing information with co-workers on the intranet, responding to emails, creating new key accounts, correcting a document, expensing travel costs in time, etc., and multiply that by the number of your employees. With just 10,000 employees organizations quickly create 1 million records per day. That is far more data than most transactional systems create.

This data can find use in a variety of ways:

  • for the employee in real-time to show them how they are doing and show them how they can improve and learn,
  • by the system to reward employees and give them feedback in a timely manner,
  • by HR and management to analyze activities, skills and their progression over time,
  • finding experts for different areas to match the rightly skilled employees for new projects,
  • replace periodical performance reviews with real-time feedback and learning.

As most gamification technologies are offered as software as a service, the combination of big data and Saas will drive cloud technologies as well. Even with some pushbacks thanks to NSA-spying and general skeptic in Europe, cloud-based solutions are currently the only viable way to go.

#4 From Denial to Acceptance

The success of gamification in changing behaviors and habits and making the life of people more entertaining and fun has been proven by many examples. From the anecdotal, to hard numbers in corporations, education, or healthcare, to an overwhelming evidence from scientific studies, applying gamification shows positive results.

This body of evidence helped to a lot of corporate people that we had interacted with in the past year to lay the grounds in their own organizations for gamification. When they first came to us to attend a workshop or listen to our presentation, they were the “lone nutcases” in their organization. Armed with some advice, facts & figures, and supporting materials from us, as well as connecting them with “lone nutcases” from other companies, gamification has become a new toolset for many organizations.

And a recent analysis on which companies have the most employees that have gamification in their LinkedIn profiledemonstrates in an impressive way that gamification is considered a gamechanger. With SAP, Accenture, Microsoft, IBM, Cognizant, and Oracle leading the pack, this topic is too important to keep staying in denial.

#5 Gamification will Grow Up and Lose Its Innocence

While even with the most basic gamification approaches using only pointsbadges, and leaderboards (aka PBL) the improvements in tracked metrics are astonishing, more sophisticated approaches are appearing in the first examples. After all, there are many more gamification design elements than those three that secure a longer-lasting and intrinsically motivatedengagement. Gamification designers also experience that competition (as the opposite of collaboration) is not necessarily the way to go, especially in a corporate environment.

But of course this is a learning process for gamification designers and represents a natural evolution of how we design gameful applications. While incentive systems and perks have been around for quite a while (representing Gamification 1.0), gamification based on a larger choice of extrinsic motivators such as PBL are just an intermediate step as Gamification 2.0, leading to a more sophisticated design that we can call Gamification 3.0.

We must not be surprised seeing in 2014 that beside growing up, we may see gamification losing more of its innocence. Many of us went into the gamification business with the real believe to make life and work better for people. If the year 2013 and before were an indication with a military (see the article on the IDF) or terroristic use of gamification (The world of Holy Warcraft), there is a high probability that we see more cringeworthy applications of gamification. Does this make gamification a bad thing? No, every technology and every concept can be used for good or evil. It just tells you that gamification has grown up.

#6 Convergence of Game & Gamification Technologies

As gamification practitioners consider serious gamessimulations, and gamification as categories under the umbrella-term ofEnterprise Gamification, the current gap between gamification and game technologies will force game studios and gamification technology companies to converge and integrate their technologies. While there is still a lot of space for new gamification technology entrants, either they have to bring in a new approach of integrated technologies, or the incumbents need to think of working together closer or even merging their organizations.


Summarizing from the forecast above, it’s never been a better moment to get into gamification than now.


Oyunlaştırma (Gamification)

Oyunlaştırma (gamification) , tüm dünyada popülerliği ve bu sayede de buna yönelik ürünlerin giderek çoğaldığı bir kavram veya metod.

Temel olarak, ilgi çekilmek istenen bir konunun, oyun mekaniklerini kullanarak, kullanıcılar tarafından daha fazla ilgi ve etkileşim almasının sağlanmasına oyunlaştırma (gamification) deniyor.

Özellikle son yıllarda, e-öğrenme uygulamalarında, ve tabi ki Facebook gibi sosyal paylaşım platformlarının sayesinde pek çok pazarlama kampanyasında kullanılıyor. Tüm dünyada en bilinenlerden biri “Foursquare” uygulamasıdır. Kullanıcılarına ziyaret ettikleri mekanlarda, “check-in” (giriş) olma şansı veren bu uygulamada, yapılan “check-in” aktivitesi ile kullanıcılara puanlar kazandırıyor. Kullanıcılar, sıklıkla ziyaret ettikleri veya zaman geçirdikleri mekânlarda “mayor” (belediye başkanı) statüsüne ulaşarak, o mekandan hediyeler kazanabiliyorlar.

Oyunlaştırma Gamification Bilgi Kurdu

E-Öğrenme konusunda tüm dünyada söz sahibi olan Elearnirng Guild araştırmacılarından Brenda Endersoyunlaştırma dünyasının duayeni sayılan Karl Kapp‘ın da katkılarıyla çok güzel bir araştırmaya imza atmış;

GAMIFICATION, GAMES, AND LEARNING: What Managers and Practitioners Need to Know – OYUNLAŞTIRMA, OYUNLAR VE ÖĞRENME: Yöneticilerin ve Kullanıcıların Bilmesi Gerekenler başlıklı bu makaleyi aşağıdaki linkten indirebilirsiniz.

Gamification Guild Research

Ölçme Değerlendirme Sistemlerinde Teknolojik Araçlar


Geçen Kasım ayında TEGEP üyelerine sunduğumuz, Ölçme-Değerlendirmeyle Sistemlerinde Teknolojik Araçlar başlıklı sunumumu burada bulabilirsiniz.


IBM reveals its top five innovation predictions for the next five years

IBM reveals its top five innovation predictions for the next five years

IBM director of education transformation Chalapathy Neti.

IBM revealed its predictions for five big innovations that will change our lives within five years.

Bernie Meyerson, vice president of innovation at IBM.

Bernie Meyerson, the vice president of innovation at IBM.

The IBM “5 in 5″ is the eighth year in a row that IBM has made predictions about technology, and this year’s prognostications are sure to get people talking. We discussed them with Bernie Meyerson, the vice president of innovation at IBM, and he told us that the goal of the predictions is to better marshal the company’s resources in order to make them come true.

“We try to get a sense of where the world is going because that focuses where we put our efforts,” Meyerson said. “The harder part is nailing down what you want to focus on. Unless you stick your neck out and say this is where the world is going, it’s hard to you can turn around and say you will get there first. These are seminal shifts. We want to be there, enabling them.”

(See our complete interview with Meyerson here).

In a nutshell, IBM says:

  • The classroom will learn you.
  • Buying local will beat online.
  • Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well.
  • A digital guardian will protect you online.
  • The city will help you live in it.

Meyerson said that this year’s ideas are based on the fact that everything will learn. Machines will learn about us, reason, and engage in a much more natural and personalized way. IBM can already figure out your personality by deciphering 200 of your tweets, and its capability to read your wishes will only get better. The innovations are being enabled by cloud computing, big data analytics (the company recently formed its own customer-focused big data analytics lab), and adaptive learning technologies. IBM believes the technologies will be developed with the appropriate safeguards for privacy and security, but each of these predictions raises additional privacy and security issues.

As computers get smarter and more compact, they will be built into more devices that help us do things when we need them done. IBM believes that these breakthroughs in computing will amplify our human abilities. The company came up with the predictions by querying its 220,000 technical people in a bottoms-up fashion and tapping the leadership of its vast research labs in a top-down effort.

Here’s some more detailed description and analysis on the predictions.

In five years, the classroom will learn you.

In five years, the classroom will learn you to help tailor instruction to your individual needs.

The classroom will learn you

Globally, two out of three adults haven’t gotten the equivalent of a high school education. But IBM believes the classrooms of the future will give educators the tools to learn about every student, providing them with a tailored curriculum from kindergarten to high school.

“Your teacher spends time getting to know you every year,” Meyerson said. “What if they already knew everything about how you learn?”

In the next five years, IBM believes teachers will use “longitudinal data” such as test scores, attendance, and student behavior on electronic learning platforms — and not just the results of aptitude tests. Sophisticated analytics delivered over the cloud will help teachers make decisions about which students are at risk, their roadblocks, and the way to help them. IBM is working on a research project with the Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia, the 14th largest school district in the U.S. with 170,000 students. The goal is to increase the district’s graduation rate. And after a $10 billion investment in analytics, IBM believes it can harness big data to help students out.

“You’ll be able to pick up problems like dyslexia instantly,” Meyerson said. “If a child has extraordinary abilities, they can be recognized. With 30 kids in a class, a teacher cannot do it themselves. This doesn’t replace them. It allows them to be far more effective. Right now, the experience in a big box store doesn’t resemble this, but it will get there.”

In five years, buying local will beat online as you get online data at your fingertips in the store.

In five years, buying local will beat online as you get online data at your fingertips in the store.

Buying local will beat online

Online sales topped $1 trillion worldwide last year, and many physical retailers have gone out of business as they fail to compete on price with the likes of Amazon. But innovations for physical stores will make buying local turn out better. Retailers will use the immediacy of the store and proximity to customers to create experiences that online-only retail can’t replicate. The innovations will bring the power of the Web right to where the shopper can touch it. Retailers could rely on artificial intelligence akin to IBM’s Watson, which played Jeopardy better than many human competitors. The Web can make sales associates smarter, and augmented reality can deliver more information to the store shelves. With these technologies, stores will be able to anticipate what a shopper most wants and needs.

And they won’t have to wait two days for shipping.

“The store will ask if you would like to see a certain camera and have a salesperson meet you in a certain aisle where it is located,” Meyerson said. “The ability to do this painlessly, without the normal hassle of trying to find help, is very powerful.”

This technology will get so good that online retailers are likely to set up retail showrooms to help their own sales.

“It has been physical against online,” Meyerson said. “But in this case, it is combining them. What that enables you to do is that mom-and-pop stores can offer the same services as the big online retailers. The tech they have to serve you is as good as anything in online shopping. It is an interesting evolution but it is coming.”

In five years, doctors will routinely use your DNA to keep you well.


In five years, doctors will routinely use your DNA to keep you well.

Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well

Global cancer rates are expected to jump by 75 percent by 2030. IBM wants computers to help doctors understand how a tumor affects a patient down to their DNA. They could then figure out what medications will best work against the cancer, and fulfill it with a personalized cancer treatment plan. The hope is that genomic insights will reduce the time it takes to find a treatment down from weeks to minutes.

“The ability to correlate a person’s DNA against the results of treatment with a certain protocol could be a huge breakthrough,” Meyerson said. It’ll be able to scan your DNA and find out if any magic bullet treatments exist that will address your particular ailment.

IBM recently made a breakthrough with a nanomedicine that it can engineer to latch on to fungal cells in the body and attack them by piercing their cell membranes. The fungi won’t be able to adapt to these kinds of physical attacks easily. That sort of advance, where the attack is tailored against particular kinds of cells, will be more common in the future.

In five years, a digital guardian will protect you online.

In five years, a digital guardian will protect you online.

A digital guardian will protect you online

We have multiple passwords, identifications, and devices than ever before. But security across them is highly fragmented. In 2012, 12 million people were victims of identity fraud in the U.S. In five years, IBM envisions a digital guardian that will become trained to focus on the people and items it’s entrusted with. This smart guardian will sort through contextual, situational, and historical data to verify a person’s identity on different devices. The guardian can learn about a user and make an inference about behavior that is out of the norm and may be the result of someone stealing that person’s identity. With 360 degrees of data about someone, it will be much harder to steal an identity.

“In this case, you don’t look for the signature of an attack,” Meyerson said. “It looks at your behavior with a device and spots something anomalous. It screams when there is something out of the norm.”

In five years, the city will help you live in it.

In five years, the city will help you live in it.

The city will help you live in it

IBM says that, by 2030, the towns and cities of the developing world will make up 80 percent of urban humanity and by 2050, seven out of every 10 people will be a city dweller. To deal with that growth, the only way cities can manage is to have automation, where smarter cities can understand in real-time how billions of events occur as computers learn to understand what people need, what they like, what they do, and how they move from place to place.

IBM predicts that cities will digest information freely provided by citizens to place resources where they are needed. Mobile devices and social engagement will help citizens strike up a conversation with their city leaders. Such a concept is already in motion in Brazil, where IBM researchers are working with a crowdsourcing tool that people can use to report accessibility problems, via their mobile phones, to help those with disabilities better navigate urban streets.

Of course, as in the upcoming video game Watch Dogs from Ubisoft, a bad guy could hack into the city and use its monitoring systems in nefarious ways. But Meyerson said, “I’d rather have the city linked. Then I can protect it. You have an agent that looks over the city. If some wise guy wants to make the sewage pumps run backwards, the system will shut that down.”

The advantage of the ultraconnected city is that feedback is instantaneous and the city government can be much more responsive.

Source: http://venturebeat.com

2013 Yılının En Önemli Buluşları

Dünya genelindeki laboratuvarlarda yıl içinde geliştirilen 10 buluş, bilim dünyasında yeni heyecanlar yarattı. ODTÜ URAP Başkanı ve ODTÜ Kimya Bölümü Öğretim Üyesi Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut, Science ve Nature gibi bilimsel kaynaklardan 2013’te dünya bilim dünyasında yaşanan önemli gelişmeleri derledi. Buna göre, 2013’ün en önemli buluşları arasında olanlar; (Ama en önemli buluş, en sondaki Ek’te !!!)

2013 Bilimsel Gelişmeler

İngiliz bilim adamı Peter Higgs’in, 1964’te maddelere kütle kazandıran bir parçacık ve alan olması gerektiğini öne sürmesinin ardından başka fizikçiler de buna paralel bir görüş açıkladı. Uzun yıllardır yürütülen çalışmalar sonrası CERN’de 103 ülkeye mensup araştırmacılardan oluşan 9 bin kişi, 2012’de izine rastladıkları Higgs Bozonunun varlığını 2013’te kanıtladı. CERN’de bu buluşa katkı yapanlar arasında Türkiye’den de bilim insanları vardı. Peter Higgs ve Francois Englert, 2013 Nobel Fizik Ödülü’nü Higgs mekanizmasını önerdikleri için aldı.

Beyne giden damarların tıkanması sonucunda, oksijensiz kalan beyin hücrelerinin kısa sürede ölmeye başladığı ve bu durumun felce neden olduğu biliniyor. Oxford Üniversitesi araştırmacıları, beynin belirli bir bölümündeki hücrelerin ise hamartin adlı bir protein üreterek uzun süre oksijensiz yaşadığını buldu. Profesör A. Buchan, beyinde hafıza ve yön bulmada önemli rolü olan hipokampus adlı bölgedeki hücrelerin, beyin oksijensiz kaldığında hamartin üreterek uzun süre nasıl yaşadığını buldu. Bu hücrelerin ürettiği hamartinin, hücreleri enerji tasarrufuna zorladığı ve hücrelerin de faaliyetlerini durdurduğunu açıkladı. Beyin hücrelerinin, hamartinin etkisiyle protein üretmeyi durdurup var olanları parçalayarak kendileri için kullandıkları anlaşıldı. Buchan, beynin diğer bölümlerinin de kansız kalınca hamartin üretmesini sağlayacak bir yöntem bulunursa felcin neden olduğu ölümlerin önleneceğini vurguladı. Çalışmanın detaylarını veren makale, Nature Medicine dergisinde yayınlandı.

Harvard’da 12 yıldır mikro robot geliştirmek için araştırma yapan Profesör R. J. Wood ve ekibi, robotun tüm parçalarını kendileri üretti. Geliştirilen mikro motor, kanat ve kontrol sistemlerinin teknik detayları Science dergisinde yayınlandı. Wood ve ekibi, arı ve sineklerin kanat çırpışını filme çekip analiz etti ve hafif malzemelerden kanat ve mikro motorlar yaptı. Saniyede 120 kez kanat çırpan mikro robotların boyu 3 santimetre, ağırlığı ise 0,080 gram. Kanatların gözle görülemeyecek bir hızla çırpması için elektrik alanı uygulanınca büzülen, ince seramik çubuklar kullanıldı.

ABD’de Georgia Institute of Technology’de, Profesör Z. L. Wang, akıllı deri üretti. Suni deride 8 bin transistör bulunuyor. Transistörler basınç altında birbirinden bağımsız olarak elektrik üretiyor. Her transistör insanın parmak ucu gibi 10 kilo paskal basıncı hissediyor. Çalışmanın detayları, Science dergisinde yayınlanacak. Bu deriyle robotlar hassas işleri yapabilecek. Elini kaybedenlerin robot elleri, bu deriyle kaplanarak hissetmeleri sağlanacak.

İngiltere’de Imperial College London’da öğretim üyesi olan Macar kimyacı Z. Takats, akıllı Bistüri geliştirdi. Takatz, cerrahların elektrokoter denilen cerrahi bıçağıyla hastanın dokularını keserken kanserli dokularla sağlıklı dokuların çıkardıkları dumanlardaki gazın yapılarının farklı olduğunu buldu. Böylece, cerrahlar, ameliyatta kestikleri dokunun kanserli mi sağlıklı mı olduğunu birkaç saniyede öğrenecek. Analizin patoloji laboratuvarında yapılması ise 30 dakika sürebiliyor. Yakında kullanıma sunulacak cihaz ameliyatlarda kanserli dokuların içeride kalabilmesi ya da istemeden sağlıklı dokuların alınması gibi riskleri ortadan kaldıracak.

ABD’de Northwestern ve Illinois Üniversites’nin ortak çalışmasıyla esneyen ve bükülen pil üretildi. Çok küçük 100 lityum iyon pili esnek tellerle birbirine bağlandı. Esnek bir plastik malzeme üzerine yerleştirilen pil, uzaktan şarj edildiği için kablolu şarj cihazına gerek bulunmuyor. Bükülebilen bilgisayar ve televizyonlar için gerekli olan bu pilin uzaktan şarj edilir olması önemli bir gelişme olarak kabul ediliyor.

  • Demir pası ve Güneş ışığı ile ucuz hidrojen üretimi

Lozan Üniversitesinden Prof. Dr. M. Gratzel ve Technion Teknoloji Enstitüsü profesörlerinden A. Rotschild, ucuz malzemelerle yeni bir teknik geliştirdi. Gratzel, ekibiyle yaptığı çalışmalarla, Güneş pillerinin verimini artırmak için 90’larda geliştirdiği birleşik pillerin pratik kullanımını sağladıl. Çalışma Nature Materials dergisinde yayınlandı. Pilin verimini artırma çalışmaları sürüyor.

Avustralya’da Queensland Üniversitesi ve Avustralya Ulusal Üniversitesinin ortak çalışmasıyla, kuantum mekaniğinin prensibi kullanılarak mikroskop yapıldı. Bu çalışma, Nature Photonics’de yayınlandı. Mikroskop, yaşayan hücrelerin iç yapılarını hücreye zarar vermeden inceleme olanağı verecek. Doç. Dr. W. Bowen, bu çalışma ile kuantum fiziğinin teknolojiye uygulanabildiğini kanıtladıklarını vurguladı. Mikroskopla hücrelerin yaşam döngüsü izlenebilecek.

IBM’in araştırmacıları, karbonmonoksit moleküllerini, Taramalı Tünelleme Mikroskopu ile hareket ettirerek dünyanın en küçük çizgi filmini yaptı. IBM araştırmacısı Prof. Dr. H. Rohrer ve G. Binnig, 1981’de bu mikroskopu geliştirip 1986’da Nobel Fizik Ödülü almıştı. Bu mikroskopla malzemelerin yüzeyi atom düzeyinde görüntüleniyor. IBM araştırmacıları atom düzeyinde araştırma yaparken “Çocuk ve Atomu” adlı bir çizgi film hazırladı. Bakır levha üzerine yerleştirilen karbonmonoksit molekülleriyle çocuk ve topunun şekli oluşturuldu. Mikroskopta, karbonmonoksit molekülündeki oksijen atomu nokta halinde görünüyor. Bu yöntemle 242 farklı resim üretilerek 94 saniyelik çizgi film yapıldı.

ABD’de Massachusetts General Hastanesinde, laboratuvar ortamında rejenere edilen fare böbreği, bir fareye takılınca idrar üretmeye başladı. Dr. Harald Ott, daha önce damarların rejenere edildiği tekniği kullanarak böbreği oluşturdu ve ilk kez tam bir organ rejenere edilmiş oldu. Önce ölü bir farenin böbreği alındı ve içinde özel bir sıvı bulunan yıkama makinesine konuldu. Sıvıdaki enzim ve parçalayıcı maddeler böbrekteki ölü fareye ait hücreleri parçalayarak temizledi. Geriye böbreğin iskeleti olan ve bal peteğini andıran matris kaldı. Sonra yeni doğmuş fareden alınan böbrek hücreleri, özel bir ortamda bu böbrek matrisine aşılanarak böbrek dokuları oluşturuldu. Ek. Türkiye’de Laik Devlet Okullarında okutulan  mecburi din dersleri süresi iki katına çıkarıldı, Fizik, Kimya, Biyoloji  dersleri seçmeli oldu.

2013 Elearning Related Events

Clayton R. Wright has done his 28th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year. Past years eLearning Conferences 2012eLearning Conferences 2011eLearning Conferences 2010eLearning Conferences 2009.

As always, please note that events, dates, titles, and locations may change; thus, CHECK the specific conference website.


January 2-5, 2013 The Association for Science Education Annual Conference, University of Reading, Berkshire, UK. http://www.ase.org.uk/conferences/annual-conference/

January 3-4, 2013 ICT Educator Conference: Doing What Matters for ICT Education, 5th, organized by the Mid-Pacific Information and Communications Technologies Center (MPICT), hosted by the City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA.http://www.mpict.org/pdf/_Winter_ICT_Educator_Conference_Jan_3-4_2013_in_SF_-_Invitation_and_CFP.pdf

January 3-4, 2013 New Presidents Program, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges, Palm Harbor, Florida, USA. http://www.cic.edu/conferences_events/index.asp

January 3-5, 2013 College Teaching and Learning Conference, sponsored by the Clute Institute for Academic Research, Maui, Hawaii, USA. http://www.cluteinstitute.com

January 3-6, 2013 National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology (NIToP), 35th, annual, co-sponsored by the Association for Psychological Science, University of Florida and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, The TradeWinds Island Grand Hotel, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, USA. http://nitop.org

January 3-6, 2013 International Congress for School Effectiveness and ImprovementConference (ICSEI 2012), 26th, Santiago, Chile. http://www.icsei.net/

January 3-6, 2013 Modern Language Association (MLA) Annual Convention, 128th, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.mla.org/convention

January 3-6, 2013 International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN), 14th, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India. http://www.icdcn.org/

January 4-6, 2013 National Effective Teaching Institute, organized by the American Society for Engineering Education, Tampa, Florida, USA. http://www.asee.org/conferences-and-events/conferences

January 4-7, 2013 Presidents Institute, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges, Palm Harbor, Florida, USA. http://www.cic.edu/conferences_events/index.asp

January 6, 2013 Search Marketing SMX, Jerusalem, Israel.http://searchmarketingexpo.com/israel/

January 6-8, 2013 June 5-7, 2012 BlogWorld and New Media Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.http://www.blogworldexpo.com/

January 6-9, 2013 Hawaii International Conference on Education, 11th, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. http://www.hiceducation.org/

January 7-8, 2013 Committee on College Teaching and Learning (CCTL) Conference on Teaching and Learning, 12th annual, Niagara University, Niagara, New York, USA.http://www.niagara.edu/conference-information/

January 7-8, 2013 Mobile Device Security Summit: The Growing and Constantly Changing Challenge, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California, USA. http://www.sans.org/

January 7-8, 2013 Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California, USA. http://www.sans.org/

January 7-9, 2013 International Conference on Multimedia Modeling, 19th, Huangshan, China.http://mmm2013.org/

January 7-9, 2013 World Congress on Engineering Education (WCEE), Doha, Qatar.http://engineeringleaders.org/

January 7-10, 2013 Institute for the Development of Excellence in Assessment Leadership, organized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), Tampa, Florida, USA. http://www.abet.org/ideal/

January 7-10, 2013 Academy of Management Africa Conference, University of Pretoria, Johannesburg, South Africa. http://meeting.aomonline.org/international/southafrica/

January 7-10, 2013 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), 46th, Grand Wailea Maui, Hawaii, USA. http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu/hicss_46/apahome46.htm

January 7-11, 2013 Learning and Intelligent OptimizatioN (LION 6), Catania, Italy.http://www.intelligent-optimization.org/LION7/

January 8-11, 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.http://www.cesweb.org/

January 8-11, 2013 Higher Ed Tech Summit, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.http://higheredtechsummit.com/

January 9-10, 2013 Digital Health Summit, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.http://digitalhealthsummit.com/

January 9-11, 2013 International Conference on Computer Aided Design (CAD), 1st, organized by the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), Milan, Italy.http://www.naun.org/conferences/2013/milan/cad/

January 9-12, 2013 Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE) International Conference: Science Education through a Historical Cultural Lens, Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina, USA. http://theaste.org/meetings/2013conference/

January 9-12, 2013 American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America Joint Meeting, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA.http://www.ams.org/meetings/national/national or http://www.maa.org/meetings/jmm.html

January 10-11, 2013 Institute for New Chief Academic Officers, organized by the American Council on Education (ACE), Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ProgramsServices/Leadership/ExecutiveLeadershipGroup/Programs/cao_institute.htm

January 10-11, 2013 World Universities Forum, 6th, Robson Square, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. http://ontheuniversity.com/conference-2013/

January 10-11, 2013 Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA): Academia in the Age of Austerity, Pantages Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.http://ocufa.on.ca/conferences/academia-in-the-age-of-austerity/

January 10-12, 2013 Academic Boot Camp, sponsored by the International Alliance of Teacher Scholars, Pomona, California, USA. http://www.iats.com/academic-boot-camp/

January 11-14, 2013 Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, 11th, annual, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. http://www.hichumanities.org/

January 12-13, 2013 International Conference on Information and Education Technology(ICIET), Brussels, Belgium. http://www.iciet.org/

January 13-14, 2013 Technology, Knowledge and Society, 9th, international conference, Robson Square, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.http://techandsoc.com/conference-2013/

January 13-15, 2013 International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL) Conference: Exploring Spaces for Learning, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.fctl.ucf.edu/hetl2013/ or http://herl.org/

January 13-15, 2013 CASE-NAIS Independent Schools Conference, 43rd, annual, sponsored by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.case.org/Conferences_and_Training/CASE-NAIS12.html

January 13-16, 2013 Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education (ACUTA), Winter Seminar, Hyatt Regency, Tampa, Florida, USA.http://www.acuta.org/

January 13-17, 2013 Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA) Institute for Facilities Management and Leadership Academy, Tampa, Florida, USA. http://www.appa.org/

January 14-16, 2013 International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC): Infrastructure, Intelligence, Innovation – Driving the Data Science Agenda, 8th, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.http://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/international-digital-curation-conference-idcc

January 15-16, 2013 International Conference on Advanced Information System, E-Education and Development (ICAISED), 2nd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://www.icaised.com/

January 15-17, 2013 Digital Book World (DBW) Conference and Expo, Hilton New York Hotel, New York City, New York, USA. http://conference.digitalbookworld.com/ehome/index.php?eventid=41056&

January 15-17, 2013 Immersive Learning Conference and Symposium, 2nd annual, sponsored by NexLearn, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.immersivelearninguniversity.com/

January 16-18, 2013 National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA) Ed Expo, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. http://www.edexpo.com/2013/index.cfm

January 16-18, 2013 EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference: People + Process + Technology – IT Matters, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://www.educause.edu/midatlantic-regional-conference

January 16-19, 2013 Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting, 69th, Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://www.aacu.org/meetings/annualmeeting/index.cfm

January 16-20, 2013 Society for Social Work and Research, 17th, annual, Sheraton San Diego Hotel, San Diego, California, USA. http://www.sswr.org/conference2013_highlights.php

January 16-20, 2013 Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference, 10th, National University of Singapore, Singapore. http://www.med.nus.edu.sg/meu/apmec10/index.shtml

January 18-19, 2013 International Conference on Advances in Computing and Emerging E-Learning Technologies (ICAC2ET), 2nd, Singapore. http://www.icac2et.com/

January 19-20, 2013 International Conference on E-Education, E-Business, E-Management and E-Learning (IC4E), 4th, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. http://www.ic4e.net/

January 19-20, 2013 International Conference on Innovation and Information Management(ICIIM), Singapore, http://www.iciim.org/

January 19-20, 2013 International Conference on Information and Computer Networks, Singapore, http://www.icicn.org/

January 19-20, 2013 International Conference on Internet and Cloud Computing Technology(ICICCT), Singapore. http://www.icicct.com/

January 20-23, 2013 Pacific Telecommunications Council (PC’13), Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. http://www.ptc.org/

January 21-22, 2013 Asia Regional OpenCourseWare and Open Education Conference (AROOC): Open Education en Route to Conceptual Society, organized by the Thailand University Project, Bangkok, Thailand. http://arooc2012.thaicyberu.go.th/

January 21-25, 2013 International Conference on Thinking: Expanding Global Thinking, 16th, Wellington, New Zealand. http://thinkingconference.org/ or http://icot2013.core-ed.org/

January 22-24, 2013 NMC Horizon Summit: The Future of Education, Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa, Lost Pines, Texas, USA. http://www.nmc.org/2013-horizon-summit-travel-lodging

January 22-25, 2013 International Conference on Information Technology and Travel Tourism(ENTER), organized by the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel and Tourism (IFITT), 19th, Innsbruck, Austria. http://www.ifitt.org/congresses/website/enter2013/

January 22-25, 2013 Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) Annual Conference: Always the Beautiful Question – Inquiry Supporting Teaching, Research, and Professional Practice, Seattle, Washington, USA. http://ali.memberclicks.net/2013-conference

January 22-25, 2013 Wisconsin State Education and Convention and Exhibit Show, 91st, Frontier Airlines Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. http://www.wasb.org/

January 23, 2013 ePortfolios: Foundational Knowledge, Student Voices, and Best Practices, organized by the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL), Atlanta, Georgia, USA. http://www.aaeebl.org/

January 23-24, 2013 Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD-AACU) Institute, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. http://www.nerche.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=927:-the-2013-pod-aacau-organizational-development-institute-call-for-proposals&catid=2:national-updates&Itemid=46

January 23-25, 2013 Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) International Conference: Reloading Data Protection, 6th, Brussels, Belgium. http://www.cpdpconferences.org/

January 23-25, 2013 Deans Conference, organized by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.aacsb.edu/conferences/

January 23-26, 2013 Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU): The Quality of U.S. Degrees – Innovations, Efficiencies and Disruptions to What Ends?, 98th annual meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. http://www.aacu.org/meetings/index.cfm

January 23-26, 2013 American Association of Colleges of Nursing Doctoral EducationConference, San Diego, California, USA. http://www.aacn.nche.edu/events/2013/01/23/doc

January 24-25, 2013 e-Learning Symposium, 8th annual, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK. http://www.llas.ac.uk/events/

January 24-25, 2013 eLearning Software: Productivity Tips and Secrets, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online. http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

January 24-25, 2013 The Carnegie Conference: Integrating Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.carnegiecomm.com/about/the-carnegie-conference/

January 24-25, 2013 Project-Based Learning Plugged In, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.http://www.21stcenturyschools.com/Workshop_Schedule_Location.htm

January 24-26, 2013 Association of Mathematics Teacher Education (AMTE), 17th, Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www.amte.net/conferences

January 25, 2013 Libraries and Online Learning: A Powerful Partnership, an Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) Midwinter Symposium, Seattle, Washington, USA. http://www.ala.org/alcts/events/ala/mw

January 25, 2013 LMS unConference, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA.http://edtechgroup.org/lmsunconference/

January 25-26, 2013 Educa: National Training Event for Educators, Helsinki, Finland.http://web.finnexpo.fi/Sites1/Educa/en/Pages/default.aspx

January 25-27, 2013 Educon 2.4, EduCon is both a conversation and a conference about education and technology. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. http://educon24.org/

January 25-29, 2013 American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, Seattle, Washington, USA. http://ala.org/ala/conferencesevents/upcoming/index.cfm

January 26-27, 2013 The Southern African ICT for Education Summit, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. http://africanbrains.net/edusa/ orhttp://www.zapaday.com/event/356514/1/The+Southern+African+ICT+for+Education+Summit.html

January 26-30, 2013 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), organized by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, Peabody Orlando Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA.https://ssih.org/events/imsh-2013-central

January 26-31, 2013 International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, 39thŠpindlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic.http://www.sofsem.cz/sofsem13/index.php

January 27-28, 2013 Health 2.0 Middle East Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.http://www.health2con.com/events/

January 27-31, 2013 Lotusphere: Business Made Social, 20th annual, sponsored by IBM and Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/events/conference/

January 28-29, 2013 Integrated Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation, organized by Academic Impressions, San Diego, California, USA.http://www.academicimpressions.com/conferences

January 28-31, 2013 Emerging Media Conference (EmMeCon), San Francisco, California, USA.http://wappow.com/emerging-media/

January 28-31, 2013 Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) Annual Conference, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.chea.org/default.asp

January 28-31, 2013 Florida Educational Technology (FETC) Conference, Orange Country Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www.fetc.org/

January 28-31, 2013 International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM), Sapporo, Japan. http://iam2013w.conf-online.org/

January 28-February 1, 2013 Alpine Rendez-Vous: Technology Enhanced Learning, Villard-de-Lans, Vercors, French Alps. https://metah.imag.fr/alpine-rendez-vous/home/?lang=fr

January 28-February 2, 2013 Linux.Conf.Au, Canberra, Australia. http://lcaunderthestars.org.au/

January 29-30, 2013 Learning Technologies 2013, 14th, Olympia 2, London, UK.http://www.learningtechnologies.co.uk/

January 29-30, 2013 Learning Without Frontiers Conference, Olympia, London, UK.http://www.learningwithoutfrontiers.com/

January 29-30, 2013 Big Data Analytics Summit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.http://www.tmforum.org/Conferences/734/Home.html

January 29-31, 2013 LearnTec 2013 International Convention and Trade Fair for Educational and Information Technology, 21st, Karlsruhe, Germany. http://www.learntec.de/

January 29-February 1, 2013 Australasian Computing Education Conference, 15th, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. http://www.opvclt.monash.edu.au/conferences/ace2013/

January 29-February 1, 2013 Australasian Computer Science Week, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. http://acsw2013.cis.unisa.edu.au/

January 29-February 1, 2013 Australasian Web Conference (AWC), Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. http://cs.adelaide.edu.au/~awc2013/

January 29-February 1, 2013, Australasian Database Conference, 24th, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. http://www.cis.unimelb.edu.au/adc/

January 29-February 1, 2013 Australasian Information Security Conference, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/research/conferences/acsw-aisc2013/

January 29-February 1, 2013 Health Informatics and Knowledge Management, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. http://sim.unisa.edu.au/hikm/id.html

January 29-February 3, 2013 National Teacher of the Year Program Conference, organized by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.http://www.ccsso.org/News_and_Events/Meetings_and_Events.html

January 30-31, 2013 Mobile Healthcare, 9th, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.http://mobilehealthsummit.ca/

January 30-31, 2013 Information Industry Summit (IIS), organized by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), Pier Sixty, New York City, New York, USA.http://www.siia.net/iis/2013/

January 30-February 1, 2013 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) TechKnowledge, San Jose, California, USA. http://www.astd.org/Events/TechKnowledge

January 30-February 1, 2013 International Conference on Education and Educational Technologies, 4th, organized by the North Atlantic University Union (NAUN), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. http://naun.org/wseas/cms.action?id=2213

January 30-February 1, 2013 Using Mobile Devices to Transform Teaching and Learning, organized by Academic Impressions, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.http://www.academicimpressions.com/conference/using-mobile-devices-transform-teaching-and-learning

January 30-February 2, 2013 British Educational Technology Show (BETT), London, UK.http://www.bettshow.com/

January 30-February 2, 2013 Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATiA) Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www.atia.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1

January 30-February 2, 2013 International Conference on Communications and Information Technology (CIT), organized by the North Atlantic University Union, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.naun.org/

January 30-February 2, 2013 Ontario Library Association Super Conference, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. http://www.accessola.com/

January 31-February 2, 2013 Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values: Character in an Age of Self-Promotion – Exploring the Role of Social Media on College Student Development, 23rd, annual, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA. http://www.studentvalues.fsu.edu/

January 31-February 2, 2013 Macworld Conference and Expo, Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, USA. http://www.macworldexpo.com/

As of November 12, 2012, information was NOT AVAILABLE for the 2013 versions of the events below.

January 18-20, 2012 International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing, 10th, Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California, Playa Vista, California, USA. http://www.cm.is.ritsumei.ac.jp/c5-12/ orhttp://www.wikicfp.com/cfp/servlet/event.showcfp?eventid=17922&copyownerid=2394

January 30-February 2, 2012 Conference on e-Learning Excellence in the Middle East: Sustainable Innovation in Education – Capacity-building, Blended Learning and Beyond, 5th, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. http://congress.hbmeu.ac.ae/learning/call-paper-2012

January 30-February 2, 2012 e-Health and Environment Conference in the Middle East: Building an Innovative and Competitive Vision for e-Health and Environment in the 21st Century, 4th,http://congress.hbmeu.ac.ae/ehealth/conference-overview

January 30-February 3, 2012 EDUCAUSE Management Program, Miami, Florida, USA.http://net.educause.edu/TheEDUCAUSEInstituteManagementProgram/1734


February 1-2, 2013 Facilities for 21st Century Education, organized by the Council of Educational Facility Planners (CEFPI), Blue Valley Center for Advance Professional Studies, Overland Park, Kansas, USA. http://www.cefpi.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1

February 2-3, 2013 International Conference on Educational and Information Technology(ICEIT), 2nd, organized by the International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT) and the International Journal of Information and Education Technology (IJIET), Hong Kong, China. http://www.iceit.org/

February 3-5, 2013 International Forum of Innovators in University Teaching, organized by Imam University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. http://ifiut.imamu.edu.sa/en/index.php/2012-05-05-23-25-27

February 3-6, 2013 National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) Annual Conference, Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, USA.http://www.naicu.edu/events/2013-annual-meeting

February 3-6, 2013 International Academic Conference, 5th, sponsored by the International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences (IISES), Buenos Aires, Argentina.http://www.iises.net/conferences/buenos-aires-conference-february-3-6-2013/

February 4-6, 2013 Higher Education Enterprise Mobile App Conference, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA. http://usfweb3.usf.edu/heemac/index.html

February 4-6, 2013 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) 2013, online and Denver, Colorado, USA. http://www.educause.edu/eli/events

February 4-7, 2013 Education Summit: Education across Space and Time – Meeting the Needs of the Distance Learner, biennial, hosted by the Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia (ODLAA) and the Distance Education Research Consortium (DEHub), Sydney, Australia.http://www.odlaa.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=82&Itemid=109

February 4-7, 2013 e-Learning and Distance Learning: From Practice to Performance, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. http://eli.elc.edu.sa/2013/en

February 4-8, 2013 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Conference on Web Search and Web Data Mining, 6th, Rome, Italy. http://www.wsdm2013.org/

February 4-8, 2013 Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Convention and Exposition, 33rd, annual, Austin, Texas, USA. http://www.tceaconvention.org/2013/public/Content.aspx?ID=1231

February 5, 2013 E-Learning Symposium, hosted by the E-Learning Council, Houston, Texas, USA. http://www.elearningcouncil.com/

February 5-7, 2013 Document Recognition and Retrieval (DRR), 20th, San Francisco, California, USA. http://www.cs.rit.edu/~drr2013/

February 5-8, 2013 World Conference on Educational Sciences (WCES), 5th, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy. http://www.wces.info/

February 6-8, 2013 Open Research, Auckland, New Zealand.https://sites.google.com/site/nzauopenresearch/

February 6-8, 2013 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, 5th annual, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. http://www.cider.vt.edu/conference/

February 6-8, 2013 Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. http://www.asee.org/conferences-and-events/conferences

February 6-8, 2013 Academic Chairperson Conference: Engage, Inspire, Share, 30th, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.dce.k-state.edu/conf/academicchairpersons/30th/

February 6-8, 2013 Professional/Scholarly Publishing (PSP): The (R)evolution of Value – Building Collaboration, Innovation and Sustainability, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Washington, DC, USA.http://www.publishers.org/ or http://www.psp2013conference.com/

February 6-9, 2013 International Self-Directed Learning Symposium, 27th, sponsored by the International Society for Self-Directed Learning, Courtyard by Marriott, Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA.http://www.oltraining.com/SDLwebsite/indexSDL.php

February 7-8, 2013 International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance(ICMLG), Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia at Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand. http://academic-conferences.org/icmlg/icmlg2013/icmlg13-home.htm

February 7-9, 2013 Academic Affairs Winter Meeting, organized by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), Point Clear, Alabama, USA.http://www.aascu.org/MeetingsCalendar/

February 7-9, 2013 American Association of Colleges of Nursing Faculty DevelopmentConference, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. http://www.aacn.nche.edu/events/2013/02/07/faculty-development

February 7-9, 2013 National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE): Celebrating our Multicultural Nation through Bilingual Education, 42nd, annual, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA.http://www.nabe.org/conference.html

February 8-10, 2013 Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching: Teaching for Brain-Based Learning, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.http://www.lillyconferences.com/ or http://www.uncg.edu/tlc/lillyconference/

February 8-10, 2013 Good Teaching Conference North, sponsored by the California Teachers’ Association, Marriott Hotel, San Jose, California, USA. http://www.cta.org/Professional-Development/Events/Calendar/Conference/2013/02/Good-Teaching-Conference-North.aspx

February 8-10, 2013 American Political Science Association Teaching and LearningConference, Long Beach, California, USA. http://www.apsanet.org/content_31632.cfm

February 9-10, 2013 ICT and Languages Conference, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK. https://www.languagessoutheast.ac.uk/events

February 10-11, 2013 New Librarians Symposium, 6th, organized by the Australian Library and Information Association, Brisbane, Australia. http://newlibrarianssymposium.com/

February 10-13, 2013 Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE & C), Hershey Lodge and Conventions Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA.http://www.peteandc.org/

February 10-14, 2013 Microsoft Tech-Ed Africa, Durban, South Africa. http://www.tech-ed.co.za/

February 11-13, 2-13 Midwest Education Technology Conference (METC), St. Louis, Missouri, USA. http://2013.metcconference.org/index.php

February 11-13, 2013 Ohio Educational Technology Conference, Columbus, Ohio, USA.http://www.etech.ohio.gov/conference/

February 11-13, 2013 Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. http://www.portical.org/ar_conference/index.html

February 12-13, 2013 iLearning Paris Forum, 8th, Espace Champerret, Paris, France.http://www.ilearningforum.org/

February 12-14, 2013 Global TIMEGlobal Conference on Technology, Innovation, Media and Education Online Conference, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), offered online, http://aace.org/conf/gtime/

February 12-14, 2013 Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, 7th annual, produced by O’Reilly Media, New York City, New York, USA. http://oreilly.com/conferences/index.html

February 12-14, 2013 EDUCAUSE West/Southwest Regional Conference, online and Austin, Texas, USA. http://www.educause.edu/conferences-events/regional-conferences

February 12-15, 2013 Australian Library and Information Association Online: Be Different. Do Different. Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia.http://www.alia.org.au/conferences/2013.html or http://www.information-online.com.au/index.html

February 12-15, 2013 International Conference on Academic Libraries: Academic Library Services through Cloud Computing – Moving Libraries to the Web, 2nd, New Delhi, India.http://www.ipu.ac.in/ical2013/index.htm

February 12-15, 2013 iConference 2013: Scholarship in Action – Data, Innovation, Wisdom, hosted by the College of Information, University of North Texas, Fort Worth, Texas, USA.http://www.ischools.org/iConference13/2013index/

February 13-15, 2013 Canada MoodleMoot: From Coding to Networking – Building Moodle on a Human Scale, sponsored by BCcampus, Coast Plaza Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. http://moodlemoot.ca or http://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=33

February 13-15, 2013 International Conference on Web-based Education (WBE), organized by the International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED), Innsbruck, Austria. http://www.iasted.org/conferences/cfp-792.html

February 13-16, 2013 Learning Disabilities Association of America International Conference, 50th annual, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.ldanatl.org/conference/index.asp

February 13-16, 2013 Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) Music Technology Conference, 11th, annual, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.ti-me.org/

February 14-16, 2013 Educating for Creative Minds, San Francisco, California, USA.http://www.learningandthebrain.com/

February 14-17, 2013 Creativity Workshop, Singapore.http://www.creativityworkshop.com/conferences.html

February 14-18, 2013 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting, 179th, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.aaas.org/meetings/

February 15-16, 2013 Digital Learning Spring Conference: Transforming Learning through Technology, sponsored by BC Partners for Online Learning, Coast Plaza Hotel at Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, USA. http://conference.learnnowbc.ca/

February 15-16, 2013 Georgia Conference on College and University Teaching, 20th, presented by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA. http://www.kennesaw.edu/cetl/conferences/gaconf/2013.html

February 15-17, 2013 Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, hosted by the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. http://lillyconferences.com/

February 15-17, 2013 International Conference on Inclusive Education: Meeting Challenges of Inclusive Education, 1st, sponsored by the Asian Centre for Inclusive Education (ACIE), Bangladesh Institute of Administration and Management, Dhaka, Bangladesh. http://www.ac-ie.org/conference.php

February 15-18, 2013 International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART), 5th, Vilamoura, Barcelona, Spain. http://www.icaart.org

February 15-19, 2013 Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) Annual Meeting: Living and Learning Across a Lifetime, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://www.ate1.org/pubs/2013_Annual_Meetin_1.cfm

February 17-18, 2013 Future Innovation Technology and Creativity (FITC): Design and Technology Conference – The Intersection of Design, Development and Technology, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. http://www.fitc.ca/ or www.felix.meritis.nl/

February 17-19, 2013 Community College Conference on Learning Assessment, organized by Valencia College, Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida.http://wp.valenciacollege.edu/learningassessment/

February 17-19, 2013 Texas A & M Assessment Conference, 13th annual, College Station Hilton Hotel, College Station, Texas, USA. http://assessment.tamu.edu/conference/index.html

February 17-20, 2013 eLearning, organized by the Instructional Technology Council (ITC), Hyatt Regency San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.itcnetwork.org/

February 17-20, 2013 Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) Annual Conference: Re-imagining Higher Education in a Global Context, 31st, New Orleans Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. http://www.aieaworld.org/events/conferences.htm

February 18-20, 2013 Training 2013 Conference and Expo, sponsored by Training Magazine, 36thannual, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www.trainingconference.com or www.trainingmagevents.com

February 18-20, 2013 International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, Bangalore, India. http://coneco2009.com/2012/ccsit/index.html

February 18-22, 2013 UNESCO Mobile Learning Week (MLW), 2nd, Paris, France.http://www.unesco.org/new/en/unesco/themes/icts/m4ed/unesco-mobile-learning-week/

February 18-22, 2013 Moodlemoot Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. http://moodlemoot.ie/

February 19-21, 2013 IntegraED PDX Conference, Sheraton Hotel, Portland, Oregon, USA.http://integratedpdx.oetc.org/

February 19-23, 2013 Didacta Trade Fair for Education and Training, Köln, Germany.http://www.didacta.de/

February 20-22, 2013 Educational Developers Caucus Conference, organized by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. http://www.stlhe.ca/constituencies/educational-developers-caucus/edc-conferences/.

February 20-22, 2013 International Conference on Early Childhood Education, 1st, organized by the North Atlantic University Union (NAUN), Cambridge, United Kingdom.http://www.naun.org/wseas/cms.action?id=2477

February 20-22, 2013 Digital Health Communication Extravaganza: Converging Networks, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://dhcx.hhp.ufl.edu/

February 20-23, 2013 International Conference on ICT for Africa: Consolidating Africa’s Competitiveness through Bespoke ICTs, 5th, Harare, Zimbabwe.http://ictforafrica.jmcub.com/index.php

February 20-23, 2013 Joint Meeting of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT) and the Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking (AILACT): Teaching Critical Thinking and Informal Logic, Riverside Hilton, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.http://philosophyteachers.org/cfp-aapt-at-2013-central-apa/

February 20-23, 2013 NextMed: Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, San Diego, California, USA.http://nextmed.com/

February 20-23, 2013 International Conference on Engineering Education, 10th, organized by World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), Cambridge, UK.http://www.wseas.org/

February 21-22, 2013 Moodlemoot Austria, Vienna University, Vienna, Austria.http://www.edaktik.at/moodle/course/view.php?id=37

February 21-22, 2013 Personal Digital Archiving, organized by the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, National Digital Information Infrastructure Programs and University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA. http://mith.umd.edu/pda2013/

February 21-22, 2013 eLearning Instructional Design: Best Practices, Tips and Techniques, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online. http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

February 21-23, 2013 American Association of School Administrators (AASA) National Conference on Education, 145th, Los Angeles, California, USA. http://www.aasa.org/

February 21-23, 2013 WNRCASN Education for Leadership: Imagining the Possibilities, organized by the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.http://www.nursing.ualberta.ca/WNRCASN2013

February 21-23, 2013 Council on Undergraduate Research, Hamilton Crown Plaza, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.cur.org/conferences_and_events/cur_dialogues/

February 21-24, 2013 International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications(GRAPP), 8th, Barcelona, Spain. http://grapp.visigrapp.org/

February 22-23, 2013 Confluence: International Conference on Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language, 4th, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. http://www.confluenceindia.co.in/

February 22-25, 2013 Community Colleges for International Development (CCID): Currents of Change, 37th, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. http://ccid.cc/programs/annual_conference/index.htm

February 23-24, 2013 International Conference on Emerging Technologies – Micro to Nano(ETMN), Goa, India. http://emtm2n.bits-pilani.ac.in/

February 23-24, 2013 International Conference on Computer Research and Development(ICCRD), 5th, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. http://www.iccrd.org/

February 23-24, 2013 Innovations in Medical Education: Transforming Health Professions Education through Innovation, University of Southern California, Pasadena, California, USA.http://keck.usc.edu/Education/Division_of_Medical_Education/Conference_2013.aspx

February 23-26, 2013 Conference on the First-Year Experience, 32nd, annual, sponsored by the National Resource Center First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, co-hosted by Rollins College, Valencia College and University of Central Florida, Orlando, California, USA.http://www.sc.edu/fye/annual/index.html

February 23-27, 2013 Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), 16th, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://cscw.acm.org/

February 24-25, 2013 International Conference on Education and Management Innovation(ICEMI), 2nd, Rome, Italy. http://www.icemi.org/index.htm

February 24-25, 2013 International Conference on Information and Computer Applications(ICICA), 2nd, Rome, Italy. http://www.icica.org/

February 24-25, 2013 Journal Conference on e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning (JC4E), Rome, Italy. http://www.ijeeee.org/conf.htm

February 24-26, 2013 National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS): In Search for Answers – Unlocking New Value from Content, 55th annual, Hyatt at the Bellevue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.nfais.org/

February 24-27, 2013 Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS), 20th, annual, organized by the Internet Society (ISOC), San Diego, California, USA.http://www.internetsociety.org/events/ndss-symposium-2013

February 24-March 1, 2013 January 30-February 4, 2012 Digital World 2012 including International Conferences on Digital Society (ICDS), 7thAdvances in Computer-Human Interactions (ACHI), 6thInformation, Process, and Knowledge Management (eKNOW), 5th;Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services, (GEOProcessing), 5theHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED), 5thMobile, Hybrid, and Online Learning (eL&mL), 5th;

February 25-26, 2013 Presidential Vocation and Institutional Mission Seminar, organized by the Council of Independent Colleges, location to be announced, USA.http://www.cic.edu/projects_services/grants/vocation_mission.asp

February 25-26, 2013 Heartland e-Learning Conference: THINK, University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA. http://www.uco.edu/heartlandconference/

February 25-28, 2013 Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain.http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/

February 25-28, 2013 Council of College and Military Educators (CCME), annual, San Diego, California, USA. http://www.ccmeonline.org/annualsymposium

February 25-March 2, 2013 International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, 28th annual, Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Diego, California, USA.http://www.csun.edu/cod/conference/

February 26-27, 2013 Education Technology Strategies for K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities, 3rd, annual, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. http://educationtechnologysummit.com/

February 26-27, 2013 Faculty Marketing Innovation, organized by Liquid Learning Ltd., Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore. http://liquidlearning.com.au/llg08/February/

February 26-March 1, 2013 Illinois Computing Educators’ (ICE) Technology Conference: Innovate, Collaborate, Educate, Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, Illinois, USA.http://www.iceberg.org/ice_conference

February 26-March 1, 2013 MoodleMoot Germany, Munich, Germany.http://moodlemoot.moodle.de/

February 27-March 1, 2013 Universities Australia Higher Education Conference, Canberra, Australia. http://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au/conference

February 27-March 1, 2013 National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.nais.org/

February 27-March 1, 2013 Information Communication Technology, Kiev, Ukraine.http://www.ictexpo.info/en/ or http://www.biztradeshows.com/trade-events/information-communication-technology.html

February 27-March 1, 2013 Multimedia Systems, sponsored by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGMM, Oslo, Norway. http://www.mmsys.org/

February 27-March 1, 2013 Society for Case Research Annual Meeting, Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://www.sfcr.org/

February 27-March 2, 2013 Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.autm.net/2013_AUTM_Annual_Meeting/7865.htm

February 27-March 2, 2013 International Association of Facilitators Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica. http://www.iaf-world.org/

February 27-March 3, 2013 Music Library Association, 82nd, annual, San Jose, California, USA.http://program.musiclibraryassoc.org/

February 28-March 1, 2013 International Society for the Social Studies Annual Conference, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www.theisss.org/

February 28-March 2, 2013 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education(AACTE), 65th, Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://aacte.org/

February 28-March 2, 2013 General Education and Assessment: A Sea Change in Student Learning, organized by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.aacu.org/meetings/networkforacademicrenewal.cfm

February 28-March 2, 2013 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), 65th, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://aacte.org/

February 28-March 2, 2013 National Association of Secondary Principals (NASSP) Annual Convention and Exposition, 97th, Washington, D.C., USA. http://www.nasspconference.org/

February 28-March 2, 2013 Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC), 13th annual, San Diego, California, USA. http://tblc.roundtablelive.org/

As of November 12, 2012, information was NOT AVAILABLE for the 2013 versions of the events below.

February 1-3, 2012 European Conference on Information Technology in Education and Society (TIES): A Critical Insight, 3rd, Barcelona, Spain. http://www.ties2012.eu/en/index.html

February 15-17, 2012 Assistive Technologies (AT), 2nd, sponsored by the International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED), Innsbruck, Austria.http://www.iasted.org/conferences/

February 16-18, 2012 International Conference on Information Systems and Economic Intelligence (SIIE), 5th, Djerba, Tunisia. http://www.siie.fr/index.php?dims_url=YXJ0aWNsZWlkPTEm

February 20-21, 2012 Green Universities Forum, 3rd annual, Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne, Australia. http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/green-universities-conference

MARCH 2013

March 1-3, 2013 Equity and Human Rights Conference, sponsored by the California Teachers’ Association, Hyatt San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, California, USA.http://www.cta.org/Professional-Development/Events/Calendar/Conference/2013/03/Equity-and-Human-Rights-Conference.aspx

March 2-3, 2013 Japan MoodleMoot: Moodle Teachers, Administrators and Developers Conference, 5th, Tokyo Kasei University, Tokyo, Japan. http://moodlejapan.org/home/

March 2-5, 2013 American Council on Education (ACE): Leading Change, 95th annual, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.acenet.edu/

March 3-5, 2013 Engineering Research Council of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Washington, DC, USA. http://www.asee.org/conferences-and-events/conferences

March 3-7, 2013 Academic Conference, sponsored by the International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Gozo, Malta. http://www.internationaljournal.org/

March 4-5, 2013 International Conference on Information Technology, System and Management (ICITSM), 2nd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. http://www.icitsm.com/

March 4-5, 2013 International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICIE), Amman, Jordan. http://academic-conferences.org/icie/icie2013/icie13-home.htm

March 4-6, 2013 Going Global 2013: Global Education – Knowledge-based Economies for 21stCentury Nations, organized by the British Council, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. http://ihe.britishcouncil.org/going-global

March 4-6, 2013 International Technology, Education and Development (INTED) Conference, 7th annual, Valencia, Spain. http://iated.org/inted2013/

March 4-6, 2013 Global Learning Summit, 6th, annual, Singapore.http://www.globallearningsummit.com

March 4-6, 2013 World Congress on Computing and Information Technology (WCIT) comprising International Conference on Digital Enterprises and Information (2nd), International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development (2nd), International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare and Digital Forensic (2nd), and International Conference onGreen Computing, Technology and Innovation (1st), organized by the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://sdiwc.net/conferences/2013/wcit/

March 4-7, 2013 American College Personnel Association (ACPA): Inspiring Communities of Wellbeing, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://convention.myacpa.org/vegas2013/

March 5-6, 2013 International Conference on Human Computer Interaction and Learning Technology (HCILT), 2nd, Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates. http://www.ichciit.com/

March 5-7, 2013 Data Quality, Sydney, Australia. http://www.dqasiapacific.com/

March 5-7, 2013 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.http://www.gartner.com/EventsCal

March 5-7, 2013 Education and Development Conference, 8th annual, Bangkok, Thailand.http://www.tomorrowpeople.org/?option=com_content&task=view&id=42&Itemid=93

March 6-7, 2013 E-Learning Summit, 3rd, Sydney, Australia.http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/e-learning-summit

March 6-8, 2013 Design Principles and Practices, 7th, international conference, Chiba University, Chiba, Japan. http://designprinciplesandpractices.com/conference/

March 6-8, 2013 Analytics Symposium: Measuring Strategic Programs for Impact and Value, Intercontinental Miami, Miami, Florida, USA.http://www.knowledgeadvisors.com/events/symposium/

March 6-8, 2013 New Learning Technologies Conference, organized by the Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT), Caribe Royale Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www.salt.org/

March 6-8, 2013 International Association of Facilitators Oceania Conference, Adelaide, Australia. http://www.iaf-world.org/index/Events/News/12-07-31/Oceania_Conference_and_CPF_Event_Confirmed_for_Adelaide_in_March_2013.aspx

March 6-9, 2013 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Technical Symposium onComputer Science Education (SIGCS): The Changing Face of Computing, Denver, Colorado, USA. http://www.sigcse.org/sigcse2013/

March 7-8, 2013 National Association of Advisors for Computers in Education (NAACE) Conference: Learning without Limits, Leicester, UK.http://www.naace.co.uk/events/conference2013

March 7-9, 2013 Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds Global Conference, 3rd, Lisbon, Portugal, http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/at-the-interface/education/experiential-learning-in-virtual-worlds/call-for-papers/

March 7-9, 2013 Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) Winter Conference: Learning and Teaching with Media and Technology, 5th, Genoa, Italy. http://www.atee1.org/

March 7-9, 2013 International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) Annual Conference: Improving Technology and Engineering Education for All Students – A Plan of Action, 75th, Columbus, Ohio, USA. http://www.iteaconnect.org/Conference/conferenceguide.htm

March 7-10, 2013 National Art Education Association (NAEA) Annual Convention, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. http://www.arteducators.org/

March 7-10, 2013 Midwest Nursing Research Conference, 37th annual, Chicago, Illinois, USA.http://www.mnrs.org/annual-conference/general-information

March 8-10, 2013 T3 – Teachers Teaching with Technology International Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.t3ww.org/ orhttp://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/nonProductSingle/pd_internationalconferences.html

March 8-10, 2013 National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs(NACCTEP): Think Big, 11th, annual, Dallas, Texas, USA. http://www.nacctep.com/

March 8-17, 2013 South by Southwest (SXSW – Music, Film, Interactive), 27th, Austin, Texas, USA. http://sxsw.com/

March 10-12, 2013 BrainStorm 14.0: K12 Technology Conference for IT Personnel, 14th annual, Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA. http://www.brainstormk12.com/future-conferences/

March 10-13, 2013 Innovations Conference, sponsored by the League for Innovation in the Community College, Dallas, Texas, USA. http://www.league.org/i2013/

March 10-13, 2013 Intensive Course in Journal Publishing – Asia, 6th, organized by the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) Publishers, Nanyang University, Singapore. http://www.stm-assoc.org/events/ijc-asia-2013/

March 10-15, 2013 Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Conference: Educational Quality – Global Imperatives and Contested Visions, 57th annual, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. http://www.cies.us/groups.htm

March 11-12, 2013 Global Summit on Education: Emerging Trends for Sustainability in Global Education – Opportunities and Challenges, Dynasty Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.http://worldconferences.net/gse2013/

March 11-13, 2013 Consortium for School Networking Initiative (CoSN) International Symposium, 12th, Sheraton San Diego, San Diego, California, USA.http://www.cosn.org/ConferenceArchives/tabid/5570/Default.aspx

March 11-13, 2013 EDUCAUSE Northeast Regional Computing (NERCOMP) Annual Conference: Improvising the Future, online and Providence, Rhode Island, USA.http://www.educause.edu/nercomp-annual-conference

March 11-14, 2013 Asia Pacific Association of International Education (APAIE), Hong Kong, China. http://www.apaie.org/

March 11-15, 2013 International Wireless Communications Expo (ICWE) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.iwceexpo.com/iwce2013/public/enter.aspx

March 12-14, 2013, e-Gov Africa Forum: Connecting Commonwealth Cultures, 7th annual, Nairobi, Kenya. http://www.events.cto.int/default.aspx?event=e-Gov%202012

March 12-14, 2013 National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT), Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://www.nfmt.com/

March 13-15, 2013 Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA) Conference, BT Convention Centre, Liverpool, UK.http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/groups/acog/Events/2013/ucisa2013.aspx

March 13-15, 2013 Learning Solutions Conference and Expo, organized by the eLearning Guild, Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/content/1408/

March 13-15, 2013 National Service-Learning Conference, 24th, Denver, Colorado, USA.http://www.nylc.org/national-service-learning-conference

March 13-15, 2013 Digital Memories, 5th, organized by Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Lisbon, Portugal.http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/critical-issues/cyber/digital-memories/call-for-papers/

March 13-15, 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Engineering Education (EDUCON), 4th, Berlin, Germany. http://www.educon-conference.org/educon2012/index.htm

March 13-16, 2013 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC): The Public Work of Composition, organized by the National Council of Teachers, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.ncte.org/cccc/conv/futureconventions

March 14-15, 2013 International Conference New Perspective in Science Education, 2nd, Florence, Italy. http://www.pixel-online.net/npse2013/

March 14-16, 2013 Computer-Using Educators (CUE) Annual Conference: Educate, Innovate, Explore, Palm Springs, California, USA. http://www.cue.org/conference/

March 14-16, 2013 Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, 25th, hosted by the International Alliance of Teachers Scholars, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, California, USA. http://lillyconferences.com/ or http://www.iats.com/conferences/lilly-conference/

March 14-16, 2013 The Education Show, Birmingham, UK. http://www.education-show.com/

March 14-16, 2013 Digital Media and Learning (DML) Conference: Democratic Futures – Mobilizing Voices and Remixing Youth Participation, Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://dmlcentral.net/events/5047 or http://dml2013.dmlhub.net/

March 15-16, 2013 International Conference on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching(FLLT), 3rd, Bangkok, Thailand. http://www.fllt2013.org/

March 16-17, 2013 International Conference on Information Technology and Science (ICITS), Bali, Indonesia. http://www.icits.org/

March 16-18, 2013 International English Language Teacher Educator Conference, 3rd, organized by the British Council, Hyderabad, India. http://isatt.net/dev/ orhttp://www.britishcouncil.in/

March 16-18, 2013 ASCD Annual Conference: Learning – Our Story. Our Time. Our Future., sponsored by ASCD (formerly known as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://www.ascd.org/conferences.aspx

March 16-19, 2013 American Association of Colleges Master’s Education Spring Annual Meeting, Fairmont Washington DC Hotel, Washington, DC, USA.http://www.aacn.nche.edu/conferences

March 16-19, 2013 American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas, USA. http://www.aaal.org/

March 16-20, 2013 Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) Annual Conference: Bold without Boundaries, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.naspa.org/conf/default.cfm

March 16-20, 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Virtual Reality (VR), Orlando, Florida, USA. http://ieeevr.org/2013/

March 17-19, 2013 International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology, 9th, organized by the United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates. http://www.it-innovations.ae/iit2013/index.html

March 17-19, 2013 National Congress on Rural Education, 18th, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. http://www.usask.ca/education/ruraled/index.htm

March 17-20, 2013 Electronic Resources and Libraries, Austin, Texas, USA.http://www.electroniclibrarian.org/

March 17-20, 2013 Teaching Academic Survival Skills (TASS) Conference, 24th, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. http://tassconference.org/

March 18-20, 2013 College Teaching and Learning Conference, sponsored by the Clute Institute for Academic Research, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.cluteinstitute.com

March 18-20, 2013 Assessment Conference: Quality Through Effective Curricula Management, organized by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Phoenix, Arizona, USA. http://www.aacsb.edu/assessment/index.html

March 18-20, 2013 EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference, Chicago, Illinois, USA.http://www.educause.edu/conferences-events/regional-conferences

March 18-21, 2013 VoiceCon: Enterprise Communications, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.voicecon.com/orlando/

March 18-22, 2013 Symposium on Applied Computing, 28th annual, sponsored by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Coimbra, Portugal.http://www.acm.org/conferences/sac/sac2013/

March 18-22, 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications, San Diego, California, USA.http://www.percom.org/

March 19-20, 2013 Simulation-Based Training, 2nd, organized by Liquid Learning, Swissotel, Sydney, Australia. http://liquidlearning.com.au/llg08/March/

March 19-22, 2013 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI), Santa Monica, California, USA. http://www.iuiconf.org/

March 19-22, 2013 International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics (ICETI), 4th, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www.iiis2013.org/icsit/website/default.asp?vc=31

March 19-22, 2013 International Conference on Society and Information Technologies (ICSIT), 4th, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www.iiis2013.org/icsit/website/default.asp?vc=29

March 20-21, 2013 The e-Assessment Question: Assessment Tomorrow, 11th annual, America Square Conference Centre, London, United Kingdom. http://www.e-assess.co.uk/

March 20-22, 2013 Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Conference, Detroit, Michigan, USA. http://www.macul.org/conferences/

March 20-22, 2013 Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research (ABSRC) Conference, Novotel Venezia Mestre, Venice, Italy. http://www.absrc.org/

March 20-22, 2013 Royal College of Nursing (RCN) International Nursing ResearchConference, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.http://www.rcn.org.uk/development/researchanddevelopment/rs/2013_-_annual_conference

March 20-23, 2013 Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Convention, Dallas, Texas, USA. http://www.tesol.org/

March 20-24, 2013 American Counseling Association (ACA), Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.http://www.counseling.org/Convention/

March 21-23, 2013 Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based and Touch Technology on Education (WIPTTE), 5th, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, California, USA.http://www.wipte.org/default.aspx

March 21-23, 2013 Governance Leadership Institute, organized by the Association ofCommunity College Trustees (ACCT), San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.acct.org/events/

March 21-24, 2013 International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics(ICTCM), 25th, annual, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.ictcm.org/

March 22-24, 2013 International Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (ICIST), 3rd, Tangier, Morocco. http://www.ijist.net/icist13/

March 22-24, 2013 Good Teaching Conference South, sponsored by the California Teachers’ Association, Los Angeles Airport Marriott, Los Angeles, California, USA.http://www.cta.org/en/Professional-Development/Events/Calendar/Conference/2013/03/Good-Teaching-Conference-South.aspx

March 24-27, 2013 European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), 35th, annual, Moscow, Russia. http://ecir2013.org/

March 24-27, 2013 Society for College and University Planning (SCUP): Place Making – Strategic Identity + Creation, Auraria Higher Education Center, Denver, Colorado, USA.http://www.scup.org/

March 24-28, 2013 Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE), Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. http://www.coabe.org/html/conferences.html

March 24-30, 2013 Creativity Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic.http://www.creativityworkshop.com/conferences.html

March 25-27, 2013 Association of University Administrators (AUA) Conference and Exhibition, Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK. http://www.aua.ac.uk/news-48-Annual-Conference-and-Exhibition-2013-Call-for-Session-Proposals.html

March 25-27, 2013 e-Gov Africa Forum, sponsored by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, 7th, Munyono, Uganda. http://www.cto.int/Default.aspx?tabid=88

March 25-27, 2013 Librarians’ Information Literacy (LILAC) Annual Conference, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. http://lilacconference.com/WP/

March 25-27, 2013 International Conference on Human Machine Interaction (HMI), 1st, co-sponsored by the Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties, Hotel Hilton, Chennai, India.http://hmi2013.in/

March 25-27, 2013 Advanced XML: Further Adventures with XSLT, organized by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Digital Library Federation, Washington, DC, USA.http://www.arl.org/stats/statsevents/XSLT-workshop.shtml

March 25-27, 2013 Academic Library Planning and Revitalization Institute, organized by Academic Impressions, Seattle, Washington, USA.http://www.academicimpressions.com/conferences

March 25-27, 2013 Social Media Strategy for Higher Education: Beyond the Basics, organized by Academic Impressions, Dallas, Texas, USA.http://www.academicimpressions.com/conferences

March 25-28, 2013 Texas Distance Learning Association (TXDLA) Conference, 16th, annual, Moody Gardens Hotel, Galveston, Texas, USA. http://www.txdla.org/events.asp

March 25-29, 2013 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) 24th, Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. http://site.aace.org/conf/

March 25-29, 2013 Game Developers Conference: Games for Change, San Francisco, California, USA. http://www.gdconf.com/conference/gamesforchange.html

March 26-27, 2013 Open Educational Resources (OER13): Creating a Virtuous Circle, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK. http://www.oer13.org/

March 26-28, 2013 Russian Education Forum, Moscow, Russia. http://www.schoolexpo.ru/

March 27-28, 2013 International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management for Innovation and Regional Development (ISTMID), 5th, Middle East University, Amman, Jordan. http://aasrc.org/conference/?author=1

March 27-28, 2013 International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, 5th, Amman, Jordan.http://www.inomics.com/economics/conferences/2012/7/25/csit-2013-5th-international-conference-computer-science-and-informat

March 27-29, 2013 The SoTL Commons: A Conference for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Georgia Southern University, Savannah, Georgia, USA.http://academics.georgiasouthern.edu/ijsotl/conference/2013/index.htm

March 27-30, 2013 World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies(WorldCIST’13), Algarve, Portugal. http://www.aisti.eu/worldcist13/

March 28-29, 2013 Scholarship of Teaching and Engagement (SoTE) Conference, Orem, Utah, USA. http://www.uvu.edu/facultycenter/sote/index.html

March 29-31, 2013 Online Conference on Multidisiplinary Social Sciences, sponsored by the Australian Cultural and Educational Institute, offered online. http://www.auaicei.com/

March 31-April 2, 2013 RosEvaluation Conference: Assessment for Program and Institutional Accreditation, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA. http://www.rose-hulman.edu/offices-services/institutional-research,-planning-and-assessment/2011-rosevaluation-conference.aspx

As of November 12, 2012, information was NOT AVAILABLE for the 2013 versions of the events below.

March 3-4, 2012 Ed Tech Teacher (ETT) Winter Conference: Leading Change in Changing Times, hosted by Microsoft New England Research and Development (NERD) Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. http://edtechteacher.org/index.php/professional-development/winter-conference

March 16-17, 2012 Celebration of Teaching and Learning, New York City, New York, USA.http://thirteencelebration.org/

March 19-20, 2012 Student Demand Driven Education: A Challenging Transformation in Response to Student Needs, Sydney, Australia.http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/student-demand-driven-education-conference

March 21-23, 2012 Blended Learning Conference, 5th, Sydney, Australia.http://liquidlearning.com.au/llg08/Featured-Liquid-Learning-Events/

March 26-30, 2012 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies in Education (WMUTE2012), 7th, Takamatsu, Japan. http://wmute2012.info/

APRIL 2013

April 1-2, 2013 International Conference on Security Science and Technology, Singapore,http://www.icsst.org/

April 1-2, 2013 International Conference on Information and Network Technology, 3rd, Singapore. http://www.icint.org/

April 2-4, 2013 International Conference on Educational Technologies (EDUTE), 9th, organized by World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.http://www.wseas.org/ or http://www.wseas.org/wseas/cms.action?id=3463

April 2-4, 2013 International Conference on Engineering and Technology Education, 1st, organized by World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://www.wseas.org/

April 2-4, 2013 Early Education and Technology for Children (EETC), 3rd, annual, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. http://www.eetcconference.org/

April 2-4, 2013 CiTE, The Pearson eCollege Users Conference, J. W. Marriott Chicago, Chicago, USA. http://pearsonevents.com/cite2013/

April 2-4, 2013 Communications Conference, organized by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), Washington, DC, USA.http://www.aascu.org/Upcoming_Events.aspx

April 2-5, 2013 Archiving Conference sponsored by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.imaging.org/IST/conferences/archiving/

April 3-5, 2013 Forum on Education Abroad: Moving Beyond It Was Great – Student Learning and Development in Education Abroad, 9th annual, Chicago, Illinois, USA.http://www.forumea.org/events.cfm

April 3-5, 2013 e-CASE & e-Tech: International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education and e-Technology, Kitakyushu, Japan. http://e-case.org/2013/

April 3-6, 2013 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Convention and Expo, San Antonio, Texas, USA.http://www.cec.sped.org/Content/NavigationMenu/ProfessionalDevelopment/ConventionExpo/

April 3-7, 2013 Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP), 27th, Denver, Colorado, USA. http://www.aiip.org/

April 3-7, 2013 Information Architecture (IA) Summit, sponsored by the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), Baltimore, Maryland, USA.http://2013.iasummit.org/

April 4-5, 2013 Research Data Access and Preservations (RDAP) Summit, 4th annual, sponsored by the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://www.asis.org/rdap/

April 4-5, 2013 Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) Membership Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.cni.org/events/membership-meetings/future-meetings/

April 4-6, 2013 International Asia-Pacific Web (APWeb) Conference, 15th, Sydney, Australia.http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~apweb2013/

April 4-6, 2013, Student Success and the Quality Agenda, organized by the Network for Academic Renewal of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Miami, Florida, USA.http://www.aacu.org/meetings/networkforacademicrenewal.cfm

April 4-6, 2013 Computer Technology Conference: All Things Technology, Fort McDowell, Arizona, USA. http://comptechconf.com/

April 4-6, 2013 Department and Division Chair Workshop, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.cic.edu/meetings-and-events/Leadership-Development/Department-Chair-Workshops/Pages/default.aspx

April 4-6, 2013 College English Association (CEA) Conference, 44th, annual, Savannah, Georgia, USA. http://www.cea-web.org/

April 4-7, 2013 The Chair Academy’s International Conference for Post-Secondary Leaders, 22nd, annual, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. http://www.chairacademy.com/

April 4-7, 2013 National Center for Student Leadership, Hyatt Regency Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.ncslcollege.com/conferences/

April 4-7, 2013 Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities (ACAH), Osaka, Japan.http://acah.iafor.org/

April 5, 2013 Academy for Innovation in Medical Education (AIME) Medical Education Day, organized by the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.http://www.med.uottawa.ca/AIME/eng/

April 5-6, 2013 International Conference on E-Learning and Knowledge Management Technology (ICEKMT), 3rd, Bangkok, Thailand. http://www.icekm.com/

April 5-9, 2013 The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Annual Conference: Transitioning to Pathways and Implementing the Criteria for Accreditation, 118th, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://annualconference.ncahlc.org/

April 6-9, 2013 National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) International Annual Conference, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, USA. http://www.narst.org/

April 7-9, 2013 Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.scup.org/

April 7-9, 2013 The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM), Chicago, Illinois, USA.http://www.aacsb.edu/ICAM2013/

April 7-10, 2013 The Higher Education Technology Agenda (THETA) Australasia, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Australia. http://theta.edu.au/ or http://www.caudit.edu.au/

April 7-11, 2013 American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition: Chemistry of Energy and Food, 245th, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.http://portal.acs.org/portal/acs/corg/content?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=PP_ARTICLEMAIN&node_id=9&use_sec=false&__uuid=2b3f7b7f-32c4-4db0-bf90-5ad314246541

April 8-10, 2013 Computers in Libraries, 28th annual, Hilton Washington, Washington, DC, USA.http://www.infotoday.com/cil2012/

April 8-12, 2013 Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK), 3rd, Leuven, Belgium.http://lakconference2013.wordpress.com/

April 8-12, 2013 International Conference on College Teaching and Learning: Reality Learning, 24th, Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA.http://www.teachlearn.org/

April 8-12, 2013 International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language(IATEFL), 48th annual, Liverpool, UK. http://www.iatefl.org

April 9-10, 2013 Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Scholarly Communication Program: Strategic Skills for Success, organized by the Association of Research Libraries, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. http://www.arl.org/events/calendar/index.shtml

April 9-10, 2013 Swiss eLearning Conference (SeLC), Holiday Inn, Zurich, Switzerland.http://selc.ch/content/index_eng.html

April 9-11, 2013 Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium, 6thannual, organized by Sloan Consortium and MERLOT, Planet Hollywood Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://sloanconsortium.org/conference/2013/et4online/welcome orhttp://www.merlot.org/merlot/index.htm

April 9-11, 2013 Information and Communications Technology Exhibition and Conference, 8th, Karachi, Pakistan. http://www.connectitpakistan.com/

April 9-12, 2013 National Summit on Educator Effectiveness, organized by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), Marriott Louisville Downtown, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.http://www.ccsso.org/News_and_Events/Meetings_and_Events.html

April 9-May 11, 2013 Strategic Planning for Your First-Year Experience Course, organized by the National Resource Center First-Year Experience and Students in Transition at the University of South Carolina, USA, offered online. http://www.sc.edu/fye/events/index.html

April 10-11, 2013 Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Conference, Melbourne, Australia. http://www.aitd.com.au/conference

April 10-12, 2013 Plymouth e-Learning Conference (PELeCON), 8th, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK. http://pelecon.net or http://www.pelecon.co.uk/

April 10-12, 2013 Med-e-Tel: International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum for Education, Networking and Business, organized by the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH), Luxembourg, http://www.medetel.eu/index.php

April 10-12, 2013 Advances in Computer Science and Engineering (ACSE), 8th, sponsored by the International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED), Phuket, Thailand. http://www.iasted.org/conferences/

April 10-12, 2013 International Conference of Asian Special Libraries: Special Libraries towards Achieving Dynamic, Strategic and Responsible Working Environment, Pasay City, Philippines.http://units.sla.org/chapter/cas/Themes-ICoASL-2013.htm

April 10-12, 2013 InfoComm: Information Communications Marketplace, Beijing, China.www.infocomm.org

April 10-13, 2013 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), 16th biennial conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/events/index.cfm

April 10-13, 2013 Education Technology Policy Summit, organized by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), Washington, DC, USA.http://setda.org/web/guest/events

April 11-12, 2013 Residence Abroad, Social Networks and Second Language Learning, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK. http://www.llas.ac.uk/events/6649

April 11-12, 2013 European Conference on Intellectual Capital, 5th, University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain. http://academic-conferences.org/ecic/ecic2013/ecic13-home.htm

April 11-12, 2013 Learning at the Moment of Need: Connecting Learning to Performance, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online. http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

April 11-12, 2013 EdTechTeacher iPad Summit, Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. http://ipadsummit.org

April 11-13, 2013 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), 27th, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA. http://www.cur.org/ncur_2013/

April 11-13, 2013 Leadership 3.0 Symposium: Leadership, Technology, Innovation, Irvine, California, USA. http://www.lead3.org/

April 11-14, 2013 National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.nsta.org/conferences/future.aspx

April 12-14, 2013 Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Wikimedia (GLAM-WIKI), organized by Wikimedia, London, UK. http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/GLAM-WIKI_2013

April 12-17, 2013 International Performance Improvement (ISPI) Conference: Many Approaches – Discover What Works, 51st, Reno, Nevada, USA. http://www.ispi.org/

April 13-14, 2013 Global Health and Innovation Conference (GHIC), Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. http://www.uniteforsight.org/conference/

April 13-15, 2013 National School Boards Association (NSBA): Take the Leap – Leadership, Education, Achievement, Progress, 73rd, San Diego, California, USA.http://www.nsba.org/conference/

April 14-16, 2013 Distance Education and Training Council’s (DETC) Annual Conference, 87thannual, InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, California, USA.http://www.detc.org/meetingsReports.html

April 14-16, 2013 Eastern Evaluation Research Society (EERS) Annual Conference, 36th, Absecon, New Jersey, USA. http://www.eers.org/

April 14-16, 2013 Engineering Deans Institute, organized by the American Society for Engineering Education, Manhattan, New York, USA. http://www.asee.org/conferences-and-events/conferences

April 14-16, 2013 Conference on Excellence in Gateway Course Completion, organized by the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education at Purdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. http://www.jngi.org/gateway/

April 14-17, 2013 Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education (ACUTA) Annual Conference and Exhibition, 42nd, Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, California, USA. http://www.acuta.org/wcm/acuta/

April 14-17, 2013 American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers(AACRAO) Conference: Collaborating Towards a Global Community – Bridges to the Future, 99thannual, Moscone Center West, San Francisco, California, USA. http://www.aacrao.org/

April 14-17, 2013 National Association of Campus Card Users (NACCU), 20th annual, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Orlando, California, USA. http://www.naccu.org/

April 14-18, 2013 International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT): Science, Technology and Innovation in the Emerging Markets Economy, 22nd, Porto Alegre, Brazil.http://www.iamot.org/

April 14-18, 2013 International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries(IATUL): Doing It Together – Effective Collaboration in Scientific and Technological University Libraries, Cape Town, South Africa. http://www.iatul.org/conferences/

April 15-16, 2013 Sandbox Summit@MIT, 4th, annual, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.http://www.sandboxsummit.org/events.html

April 15-16, 2013 International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization (II-SDV), Nice, France. http://www.ii-sdv.com/home-page.html

April 15-17, 2013 Ireland International Conference on Education (IICE), Dublin, Ireland.http://www.iicedu.org/

April 15-17, 2013 International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations (ITNG), 10th, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.itng.info/

April 15-17, 2013 Education Innovation Summit, 4th, organized by Arizona State University, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. http://edinnovation.asu.edu/

April 15-17, 2013 EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference: No Boundaries – Security in an Open World, offered online and in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.http://www.educause.edu/events/security-professionals-conference

April 15-17, 2013 Digital Media Europe: Innovation, Monetisation, Advertising and Networking, organized by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, London, United Kingdom. http://www.wan-ifra.org/events/digital-media-europe-2013

April 15-19, 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Symposium Series onComputational Intelligence (WCCI), Singapore.http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/epnsugan/index_files/SSCI2013/index.html

April 16-17, 2013 Digital Health, Birmingham, UK. http://www.hc2013.bcs.org/

April 16-18, 2013 Technology, Colleges, and Community (TCC) Worldwide Online Conference: Emerging Technologies for Learning – Best Choices and Current Practices, 18th, annual, to be held online. http://tcchawaii.org/ or http://tcc.kcc.hawaii.edu

April 16-18, 2013 EDUCAUSE Enterprise IT Leadership Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.http://www.educause.edu/events/enterprise-it-leadership-conference

April 16-19, 2013 International Forum on Quality and Safety in Health Care: Improving Quality, Reducing Cost, Saving Lives, London, UK. http://internationalforum.bmj.com/about-the-forum/future-forums-1?searchterm=2013

April 16-19, 2013 International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education (IECHE), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. http://iehe.mohe.gov.sa/web/index.php?lang=en

April 16-19, 2013 TEDMED: The Future of Health and Medicine, Washington, DC, USA.http://www.tedmed.com/home

April 16-20, 2013 National Business Education Association, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://www.nbea.org/

April 17-18, 2013 Higher Education Academy STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Annual Learning and Teaching Conference: Where Practice and Pedagogy Meet, 2nd, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/events/detail/2012/academyevents/STEM_annual_conf

April 17-18, 2013 UK Evaluation Society Annual Evaluation Conference: Evaluating to Make a Difference – Achieving Results through Learning and Accountability, Senate House, University of London, London, UK. http://www.evaluation.org.uk/events/event/2013-Annual-Evaluation-Conference

April 17-19, 2013 Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX), including the Global EdTech Forum, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates. URL not available when this conference list was assembled, contactinfo@universityfairs.com

April 17-19, 2013 American Society for Indexing Conference: The Art and Craft of Indexing, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.resourcenter.net/Scripts/4Disapi7.dll/4DCGI/events/330.html?Action=Conference_Detail&ConfID_W=330

April 17-19, 2013 International Conference on Information Science and Information Literacy, 4th, University of Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania. http://bcu.ulbsibiu.ro/conference/

April 17-20, 2013 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting and Exposition, 91st, Denver, Colorado, USA. http://nctm.org/conferences/content.aspx?id=452

April 17-20, 2013 Museums and the Web, Portland, Oregon, USA.http://www.museumsandtheweb.com/

April 19-20, 2013 Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges South Central Regional Conference, 24th, Louisiana State University, Shreveport, Louisiana. USA.http://www.sci.tamucc.edu/ccsc/

April 19-22, 2013 International Reading Association (IRA) Convention, 58th, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.reading.org/convention.aspx

April 20-23, 2013 American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Annual Convention, 93rd, Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, USA. http://www.aacc.nche.edu/

April 20-24, 2013 Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME): The Quest for Quality Improvement – Going for Gold through Medical Education, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.http://www.mededconference.ca/home.php

April 20-24, 2013 Experimental Biology, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.http://experimentalbiology.org/EB/pages/default.aspx?splashpage=1

April 21-23, 2013 Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE) 2013, 27th annual, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. http://conference.tie.net/

April 22-23, 2013 International Conference on Computer Games Multimedia and Allied Technology (CGAT), 6th, and Cloud Computing and Virtualization (CCV), Singapore.http://www.cgames.com.sg/

April 22-25, 2013 International Federation of Training and Development Organisations(IFTDO) World Conference and Exhibition: Human Capacity Building for the Emerging World Order, 42nd, New Delhi, India. http://www.iftdo.net/

April 22-26, 2013 Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum: Bringing Safety, Resilience and Security into Cyberspace, Yaoundé, Cameroon, 3rd annual, http://www.events.cto.int/default.aspx?event=Cyber_S_2013

April 23, 2013 Securing Your Network Against Cyber Attacks, Phishing and Scams, organized by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), offered online.http://www.cosn.org/Events/201213WebinarSeries/April23SecuringYourNetwork/tabid/13540/Default.aspx

April 23-25, 2013 Internet World, Earls Court, London, UK. http://www.internetworld.co.uk/

April 23-25, 2013 International Conference on Education and Educational Technology, 12th, organized by World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), Morioka City, Iwate, Japan. http://www.wseas.org/

April 23-25, 2013 International Universities Conference, 2nd, annual, organized by the Eastern European University Association, Moscow, Russia. http://eeua.ru/articles/article_layout/id/1

April 23-26, 2013 FMX 2013 Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Interactive Media, 18th, Stuttgart, Germany. www.fmx.de

April 23-26, 2013 International Federation of Training and Development Organisations(IFTDO) World Conference and Exhibition: Capability Building for Cutting Edge Organizations in New Business Order, 42nd, New Delhi, India. http://www.iftdo.net/

April 23-26, 2013 International Gender and Education Association Conference: Compelling Diversities, Educational Intersections – Policy, Practice, Parity. London South Bank University, London, UK. http://www.genderandeducation.com/issues/conference_2013/

April 24-25, 2013 HRD Learning and Organisation Development Conference and Exhibition, London, UK. http://www.cipd.co.uk/cande/hrd

April 24-26, 2013 International Association of Universities (IAU) Global Meeting of Associations (GMA): Institutional Diversity in Higher Education – Strength or Threat for Associations?, University of Salford, Manchester, UK. http://www.iau-aiu.net/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=273

April 25-26, 2013 International Scientific Conference on eLearning and Software for Education(eLSE), 9th, Bucharest, Romania. http://www.elseconference.eu/

April 25-26, 2013 European Next Web Conference. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.http://thenextweb.com/conference/

April 25-27, 2013 European Teacher Education Network (ETEN) Annual Conference: Education Designed for All, Limburg Catholic University College, Limburg, Belgium. http://www.eten-online.org/

April 25-27, 2013 International Conference on New Trends in Education and Their Implications (ICONTE), 4th, Konyaalti-Antalya, Turkey. http://www.iconte.org/

April 25-27, 2013 What Is Radio? Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Radio Conference, sponsored by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oregon, Portland, Oregon, USA. http://www.aejmc.org/home/events/regional-meetings/

April 25-28, 2013 Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom (ACTC), Osaka, Japan.http://www.actc.iafor.org/

April 25-28, 2013 Asian Conference on Language Learning (ACLL), Osaka, Japan.http://www.acll.iafor.org/

April 26-28, 2013 Future Educators Association National Conference, 24th annual, organized by the Phi Delta Kappa International, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.pdkintl.org/member/summit.htm

April 26-28, 2013, International Conference on Computer Science and Education (ICCSE), 8th, Colombo, Sri Lanka. http://iccse.xmu.edu.cn/

April 27-29, 2013 International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies(IETICT), Beijing, China. http://www.ietict.org/

April 27-May 1, 2013 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting: Education and Poverty – Theory, Research, Policy and Praxis, San Francisco, California, USA.http://www.aera.net/

April 27-May 2, 2013 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI): Changing Perspectives, 32nd, sponsored by ACM SUGGHI, Paris, France. http://chi2013.acm.org/

April 28-May 1, 2013 United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) National Conference, 6th, location to be announced, USA. http://www.usdla.org/2013-usdla-national-conference/

April 28-May 1, 2013 Print and ePublishing Conference (PePcon), Austin, Texas, USA.http://pepconference.com/

April 29-30, 2013 National Student Teaching and Supervision Conference, 7th, Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.student-teacher-supervision.org/

April 29-30, 2013 Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity, 29th annual, Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. http://www.pacrim.hawaii.edu/

April 29-May 1, 2013 Campus Technology Forum, Hyatt Grand Manchester, San Diego, California, USA. http://events.campustechnology.com/events/CT-Forum-Conference/Home.aspx

April 29-May 1, 2013 Lectora User Conference, San Antonio, Texas, USA.http://lectora.com/lectora-user-conference-2013

April 30-May 2, 2013 International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medica (STM) Publishers Conference, Washington Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.stm-assoc.org/events/stm-spring-conference-2013/

April 30-May 3, 2013 Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Membership Meeting,162nd, Chapel Hill/Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA. http://www.arl.org/events/futuremms/index.shtml

As of November 12, 2012, information was NOT AVAILABLE for the 2013 versions of the events below.

April 2-4, 2012 MoodleMoot UK/Ireland 2012, Crown Plaza Hotel, Northwood, Dublin, Ireland.http://moodlemoot.org/

April 24-26, 2012 International Conference on Networked Digital Technologies, 4th, Canadian University of Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. http://www.ndtconf.org/index.php

April 25-28, 2012 Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. http://caie-caei.org/?lang=en_us

MAY 2013

May 1-2, 2013 Dalhousie Conference on University Teaching and Learning, Centre for Learning and Teaching, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.http://learningandteaching.dal.ca/dcutl/index.html

May 1-3, 2013 Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) Conference: Leadership in Education, 6th annual, organized by Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.http://www.cnie-rcie.ca/

May 1-3, 2013 Assessment, Teaching and Learning Conference, organized by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, Spokane, Washington, USA.http://www.sbctc.ctc.edu/college/_e-assesspacnwteachinglearningconf.aspx

May 1-3, 2013 Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) North Atlantic Regional Conference: Global, Local, or “Glocal” – Identity for Higher Education in an International Context, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. http://www.scup.org/

May 1-3, 2013 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Hypertext and Social MediaConference, Paris, France. http://ht.acm.org/ht2013/call-for-papers/

May 1-5, 2013 Society for Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Annual Spring Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://stfm.org/conferences/annual/an/futuredates.cfm

May 2-3, 2013 Manitoba Association for Distributed Learning and Training (MADLaT) Conference, 12th, Princess Street Campus, Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.www.madlat.ca or info@madlat.ca

May 2-3, 2013 Learning and Entertainment Evolutions Forum (LEEF), Harrisburg University, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.goleef.com/

May 2-4, 2013 International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design, Famagusta, North Cyprus, Cyprus. http://www.cmdconf.net/

May 2-4, 2013 Web Science, part of the European Computing Research Congress, sponsored by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Paris, France. http://www.websci12.org/

May 2-4, 2013 American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA) Nursing IT Innovations, San Antonio, Texas, USA.http://www.nursingsociety.org/sttievents/nursingconferences/pages/nursingconferences.aspx

May 3-4, 2013 Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education (WCCCE), 18thannual, Capilano University, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.http://www.cs.ubc.ca/wccce/2013/

May 3-4, 2013 StudyWorld 2013: International Fair for Higher and Continuing Education, Berlin, Germany. http://www.studyworld2013.com/

May 3-4, 2013 Global Conference on Education, sponsored by the School of Education, University of Riverside, Los Angeles, California, USA.http://www.uofriverside.com/edconference.html

May 3-5, 2013 Organizing Student Minds for School Success, Arlington, Virginia, USA.http://www.learningandthebrain.com/

May 3-6, 2013 Council of Science Editors (CSE) Annual Meeting: Communicate Science Effectively – The World Depends on IT, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.http://www.councilscienceeditors.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1

May 3-8, 2013 Medical Library Association (MLA): One Health – Information in an Interdependent World, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.mlanet.org/am/meetings.html

May 4-8, 2013 Adobe MAX, Los Angeles, California, USA. http://max.adobe.com/

May 5-7, 2013 American Telemedicine Association (ATA) International Meeting and Trade Show, 18th, Austin, Texas, USA. www.americantelemed.org

May 5-8, 2013 International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, 7th, Venice, Italy. http://pervasivehealth.org/2013/show/home

May 6-8, 2013 International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CESDU), 5th, sponsored by the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC) and co-organized by the Aachen University (RWTH), Aachen, Germany.http://www.csedu.org/

May 6-9, 2013 eLearning DevCon 2013, Aria Resort, Las Vegas, USA.www.elearningdevcon.com

May 6-9, 2013 International Conference on Sociology, 7th annual, hosted by the Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece. http://www.atiner.gr/sociology.htm

May 6-10, 2013 Eurographics, 34th, annual, sponsored by the European Association for Computer Graphics, Girona, Spain. http://www.eg.org/ or http://eg2013.udg.edu/

May 8-10, 2013 International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies(WEBIST), 9th, Aachen, Germany. http://www.webist.org/

May 8-10, 2013 OpenCourseWare Consortium Global Meeting: Learning Beyond

Borders – Delivering Quality Education to Your Fingertips, Bali Ayodya Resort, Bali, Indonesia.http://conferences.ocwconsortium.org/

May 8-10, 2013 International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science(CLOSER), 3rd, Aachen, Germany. http://closer.scitevents.org/

May 9-10, 2013 International Conference on Research Facilities, organized by Tradeline Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.tradelineinc.com/conferences/

May 9-10, 2013 Riding the Wave of Change Conference: National Education and Technology Conference, sponsored by the Evergreen School Division, Lakeview Resort, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada. http://www.esd.mb.ca/wave/ or lroche@esd.mb.ca

May 9-10, 2013 Simulations for eLearning: Best Practices for the Almost-Real World, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online. http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

May 9-11, 2013 American Council of Learned Societies Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://www.acls.org/about/annual_meeting/

May 9-11, 2013 Africa Health Exhibition, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa. http://africahealthexhibition.com/

May 12-15, 2013 International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM), Baden-Baden, Germany. http://iscram2013.org/?q=node/21

May 13-14, 2013 International Conference on Information Management and Evaluation(ICIME), 4th, Saigon, Vietnam. http://academic-conferences.org/icime/icime2013/icime13-home.htm

May 13-15, 2013 Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi) Conference, 6th, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Campus Nord, Barcelona, Spain.http://www.guninetwork.org/guni.conference/2013-guni-conference

May 13-15, 2013 International Educational Technology Conference (IETC), 13th, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://www.iet-c.net/

May 13-16, 2013 Management World, Nice France.http://www.tmforum.org/Conferences/734/Home.html

May 13-16, 2013 Learning Impact 2013, sponsored by IMS Global Learning Consortium, San Diego, California, USA. http://www.imsglobal.org/learningimpact2013/

May 13-16, 2013 International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, 11th annual, Athens, Greece. http://www.atiner.gr/media.htm

May 13-17, 2013 International World Wide Web (WWW) Conference, 22nd, hosted by W3C Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. http://www2013.org/

May 13-17, 2013 World Summit on the Information Society, organized by UNESCO, ITU, UNCTAD and UNDP, Geneva, Switzerland. http://www.unesco.org/new/en/communication-and-information/events/calendar-of-events/communication-and-information-events/?tx_browser_pi1%5BshowUid%5D=5560&cHash=04dad58b71

May 14-16, 2013 International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 1st, organized by World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece.http://www.wseas.org/

May 14-16, 2013. International Conference on Perpetual Education (CPED), 1st, organized by the North Atlantic University Union (NAUN), Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece. http://www.naun.org/

May 14-16, 2013 International Conference on Child and Adolescent Education, 1st, organized by the North Atlantic University Union (NAUN), Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece. http://www.naun.org/

May 14-16, 2013 Department and Division Chair Workshop, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. http://www.cic.edu/meetings-and-events/Leadership-Development/Department-Chair-Workshops/Pages/default.aspx

May 14-17, 2013 Foundations of Digital Games, Chania, Crete, Greece. http://www.fdg2013.org/

May 14-17, 2013 Bulgarian Comparative Education SocietyInternational Perspectives on Education, 11th, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. http://bces.conference.tripod.com/

May 15-16, 2013 Enterprise Search Europe, London, UK.http://www.enterprisesearcheurope.com/2013/

May 15-18, 2013 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Forum and Expo, sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), St. Louis, Missouri, USA.http://www.nsta.org/conferences/2013stl/

May 16, 2013 Ryerson Faculty Conference, The Learning and Teaching Office, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario. http://www.ryerson.ca/lt/programs/conference/

May 16-17, 2013 Mobilism, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. http://mobilism.nl/2013

May 16-18, 2013 International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA), 26th annual, Istanbul, Turkey. http://conference.ntu.edu.sg/casa2012/Pages/home.aspx

May 18-22, 2013 Association for Institutional Research (AIR), Long Beach, California, USA.http://airweb.org/

May 19-20, 2013 International Conference on Computer Communication and Management, 3rd, Copenhagen, Denmark. http://www.icccm.org/

May 19-20, 2013 International Conference on Knowledge Discovery (ICKD), Copenhagen, Denmark. http://www.ickd.org/

May 19-21, 2013 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Academy: Collaborative Engagement, 5th, annual, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.http://www.gvsu.edu/stla/

May 19-22, 2013 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Conference and Exposition, Dallas, Texas, USA. http://www.astd.org/content/conferences/

May 20-23, 2013 International Conference on Education, 15th annual, Athens, Greece.http://www.atiner.gr/education.htm

May 20-23, 2013 International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science, 9th annual, Athens, Greece. http://www.atiner.gr/computer.htm

May 21-22, 2013 Streaming Media East: The Business and Technology of Online Video, Hilton New York, New York City, New York, USA. http://www.streamingmedia.com/east/

May 21-23, 2013 Department and Division Chair Workshop, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), St. Paul, Minneapolis, USA. http://www.cic.edu/meetings-and-events/Leadership-Development/Department-Chair-Workshops/Pages/default.aspx

May 21-23, 2013 Thinking Digital: Technology, Ideas and Our Future, 6th, The Sage Gateshead, Gateshead, UK. http://www.thinkingdigital.co.uk/

May 21-24, 2013 Future in Review Conference, 11th, Laguna Beach, California, USA.http://www.futureinreview.com/index.php

May 21-25, 2013 Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO) Conference: Navigating the Complexities of Language Learning in the Digital Age, 30th, University of Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii, USA. https://calico.org/page.php?id=468

May 21-June 22, 2013 Models and Methods of Student Advising, organized by the National Resource Center First-Year Experience and Students in Transition at the University of South Carolina, USA, offered online. http://www.sc.edu/fye/events/index.html

May 22-24, 2013 International Conference on Information Resources Management (Conf-IRM): Managing IT in a Consumerized IT World, Natal, Brazil. http://www.conf-irm2013.org/aboutconfirm.html

May 22-24, 2013 Information Technology in Education Conference (ITEC): Defence, Training, Simulation, and Education, Fiera di Roma, Rome, Italy. http://www.itec.co.uk

May 22-24, 2013 Innovations in Online Learning, 9th, Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://iolconference.org/ or http://iolconference2013.eventbrite.com/#

May 22-24, 2013 International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society (FLAIRS), 26th, St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA. http://www.flairs-26.info/

May 22-25, 2013 Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE) Conference, 60th, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. http://cauce-aepuc.ca/news-events/conference.aspx

May 22-25, 2013 Canadian Health Libraries Association Annual Conference: Inspiration, Cooperation, Innovation, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. http://www.chla-absc.ca/2013/

May 23-15, 2013 Asia Pacific Accreditation Conference, Hong Kong, China.http://www.aacsb.edu/asia-pacific-accreditation-conference/

May 26-29, 2013 e-Health 2013, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. http://www.e-healthconference.com/

May 26-29, 2013 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence, 35th, annual, Austin, Texas, USA.http://www.nisod.org/conference/

May 26-31, 2013 NAFSA Association of International Educators: Ideals and Impact in International Education, (original meaning of NAFSA: National Association for Foreign Student Advisers), St. Louis, Missouri, USA. http://www.nafsa.org/annualconference/default.aspx?id=3199

May 27-29, 2013 Centre for English Language Communication Symposium (CELC): Alternative Pedagogies in the English Language and Communication Classroom, UTown, National University, Singapore. http://nus.edu.sg/celc/symposium/

May 27-29, 2013 Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) Annual General Meeting, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. http://www.carl-abrc.ca/horaire/calendar-e.html

May 27-30, 2013 International Conference on Psychology, 7th annual, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece. http://www.atiner.gr/psychology.htm

May 27-30, 2013 International Conference on Philosophy, 8th annual, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece. http://www.atiner.gr/philosophy.htm

May 27-31, 2013 Building the Scientific Mind (BtSM2013), Fifth Advanced International Colloquium: Science and Technology in the Service of Beauty and Harmony, organized by the Learning Development Institute, Bandung/Lembang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.http://www.learndev.org/BtSM2013.html

May 28-30, 2013 CeBIT Australia, (ICT and services for industry and government), Sydney, Australia. http://www.cebit.com.au/cebit/cebit2012

May 28-31, 2013 Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 26th, University of Regina, Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. http://aigicrv.org/aigicrv2013/

May 28-31, 2013 International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology (IASSIST) Conference, 39th annual, Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Cologne, Germany. http://www.iassistdata.org/conferences

May 28-31, 2013 Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV) formerly known as Vision Interface Conference, 10th, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.http://www.computerrobotvision.org/

May 28-31, 2013 Electronics Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), 63rd, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.ectc.net/

May 29-31, 2013 eLearning Africa: Tradition, Change and Innovation, 8th, Safari Conference Centre, Windhoek, Namibia. http://www.elearning-africa.com/

May 29-31, 2013 International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science, 7th, Sponsored by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Paris, France,http://rcis-conf.com/rcis2013/

May 29-31, 2013 Graphics Interface, 39th, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.http://www.graphicsinterface.org/

May 29-31, 2013 EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://www.educause.edu/conferences-events/regional-conferences

May 29-June 1, 2013 Canadian Library Association, 68th, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.http://www.cla.ca/conference/2013/

May 29-June 1, 2013 BookExpo America, Javits Center, New York City, New York, USA.http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/Show-Info/Event-At-A-Glance-Hours/#future

May 31-June 2, 2013 The Teaching Professor Conference: Dedicated to the Pursuit of Teaching and Learning Excellence, 10th, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. http://www.teachingprofessor.com/

May 31-June 2, 2013 Adult Education Research (AERC), 54th, annual, University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. http://www.adulterc.org/Conference.htm

May 31-June 2, 2013 Japan Association for Language Teaching Computer Assisted Language Learning (JALT), Shinshu University, Matsumoto, Japan. http://jaltcall.org/events/

May 31-June 3, 2013 Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, hosted by the International Teaching Learning Cooperative, Bethesda, Maryland, USA.http://lillyconferences.com/

As of November 12, 2012, information was NOT AVAILABLE for the 2013 versions of the events below.

May 3-4, 2012 Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference (CUTC), 13th annual, Toronto, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. http://www.cutc.ca or info@cutc.ca

May 9-11, 2012 European Universities Continuing Education Network (EUCEN) Conference: Universities Engagement in and with Society. 43rd, University of Graz, Graz, Austria.http://www.eucen.eu or http://eucen.uni-graz.at/

May 10-11, 2012 European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) General Assembly: Lifelong Learning and Higher Education for the Welfare Society, 22nd, Riga, Latvia. http://www.eurashe.eu/conferences-and-events/eurashe-annual-conferences/ oreurashe@eurashe.eu

May 14-16, 2012 Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), 7th, organized by the International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED), Baltimore, Maryland, USA.http://www.iasted.org/conferences/home-772.html

May 14-16, 2012 Communication, Internet, and Information Technology (CIIT 2012), 7th, organized by the International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED), Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://www.iasted.org/conferences/cfp-773.html

May 16-17, 2012 Mobile Health, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA.http://mobilehealth.org/

May 21-22, 2012 Higher Education Summit, 10th annual, Melbourne, Australia.http://www.highereducationsummit.com.au/

May 23-25, 2012 Educational Technology Committee of Colleges Ontario: Advancing Learning – Connecting the Dots, 18th annual, Newnham Campus, Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. http://www.etccommittee.ca or http://www.advancinglearning.ca

May 25-27, 2012 International Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) ResearchConference, 15th, Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan. http://www.cs.pu.edu.tw/~2012call/

May 31-June 1, 2012 EdTech 2012, 13th annual, sponsored by the Irish Learning Technology Association, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland. http://ilta.net/

JUNE 2013

June 1-2, 2013 International Conference on Computing and Computer Vision, Paris, France.http://www.icccv.org/

June 1-3, 2013 Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) Annual Conference, hosted by Okanagan College, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.http://www.accc.ca/xp/index.php/en/events-accc/conference

June 1-4, 2013 Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English(ACCUTE), University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. http://accute.ca/accute-conference/congress-2013/

June 1-5, 2013 Institute on General Education and Assessment, organized by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, USA.http://www.aacu.org/meetings/SummerInstitutes.cfm

June 1-8, 2013 Congress 2013 of the Humanities and Social Sciences, sponsored by the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS), University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. http://www.fedcan.ca/en/congress

June 2-5, 2013 Distance Learning Administration, Savannah, Georgia, USA.http://www.westga.edu/~distance/dla/

June 2-5, 2013 Content in Context: Publishing 3.0, sponsored by the Association of Educational Publishers, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.contentincontext.org/

June 2-6, 2013 Summer Institute on College Teaching, 35th, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. http://vtc.odu.edu/development/summerInstitute.html

June 2-6, 2013 Collegiate Information and Visitor Services (CIVSA) Annual Conference, 20th, Alexandria, Virginia, USA. http://civsa.org/conference/

June 2-6, 2013 M-Enabling Summit: Global Summit on Mobile Applications and Services for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.m-enabling.com/about.html

June 3-5, 2013 Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE), 32nd, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. http://www.casae-aceea.ca/?q=node/30

June 3-5, 2013 Edu Tech, formerly known as the Technology in K-12 Education National Congress, Brisbane, Australia. http://www.edutech.net.au/

June 3-5, 2013 European Access Network (EAN), 22nd, annual, Strasbourg, France.http://www.ean-edu.org

June 3-5, 2013 Redesigning Pedagogy, 5th biennial, National Institute of Education, Singapore.http://conference.nie.edu.sg/2013/index.php

June 3-5, 2013 Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE), 3rd, annual, Lexington, Kentucky, USA. http://www.aalhe.org/

June 3-6, 2013 Sakai and Jasig Conference, Westin San Diego, San Diego, California, USA.http://sakaiproject.org/

June 3-6, 2013 International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts, 4th, Athens, Greece.http://www.atiner.gr/arts.htm

June 3-6, 2013 Emerging Media Conference (EmMeCon), Seattle, Washington, USA.http://wappow.com/emerging-media/

June 4-6, 2013 Department and Division Chair Workshop, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. http://www.cic.edu/meetings-and-events/Leadership-Development/Department-Chair-Workshops/Pages/default.aspx

June 4-7, 2013 New Media Consortium (NMC) Summer Conference, Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA. http://www.nmc.org/events/2013-summer-conference

June 4-7, 2013 International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries(QQML), 5th, Rome, Italy. http://www.isast.org/qqml2013.html

June 4-7, 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) International Symposium onWorld of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM), 14th, Madrid, Spain, USA.http://www.ieee-wowmom.org

June 4-8, 2013 Computex: Shaping the Future, 33rd, Taipei, Taiwan.http://www.computextaipei.com.tw/

June 5-7, 2013 European Association for Distance Learning (EADL), 29th, Hamburg, Germany.http://www.eadl.org/

June 5-7, 2013 Society for Scholarly Publishing, 35th, annual, San Francisco, California, USA.https://www.resourcenter.net/Scripts/4Disapi2.dll/4DCGI/events/ConferenceList.html?Action=Find_Events&Time=970204716

June 5-7, 2013 Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) Annual Convention and Exposition, Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.career.org/iMISPublic/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Upcoming_Events&CONTENTID=25009&TEMPLATE=/CM/ContentDisplay.cfm

June 5-8, 2013 European Conference on Information Systems, 21st, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. https://sites.google.com/site/ecis2013nl/

June 6-7, 2013 E-Learning Baltics (eLBa), Rostock, Germany. http://www.e-learning-baltics.de/

June 6-7, 2013 Lost in Transition – Pathways to Successful Learning in Organizations, organized by the Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning, University of St. Gallen, Gallen, Switzerland. http://www.scil-blog.ch/2012/09/13/save-the-date-5-internationaler-scil-kongress-6-7-juni-2013-in-st-gallen/

June 6-7, 2013 British Columbia Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG), Burnaby Campus of Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. http://etug.ca/

June 6-7, 2013 Using Technology Effectively for the Physical and Virtual Classroom, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online. http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

June 6-8, 2013 Jean Piaget Society Annual Meeting: Social Development – Current Trends and Perspectives, 43rd, annual, Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://www.piaget.org/

June 6-9, 2013 The International Institute for SoTL Scholars and Mentors (IISSAM, formerly The National Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – CASTL Institute): Storytelling, hosted by Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California, USA.http://www.iissam.org

June 6-10, 2013 Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. http://www.dhsi.org/

June 7, 2013 Emerging Learning Design: Learning as Disruption, Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey, USA. http://eld.montclair.edu/

June 7-9, 2013 Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.http://www.editors.ca/

June 8-11, 2013 Millennium Leadership Institute for provosts, vice-presidents and senior administrators, American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), Washington, DC, USA. http://www.aascu.org/MeetingsCalendar/

June 9-11, 2013 College Teaching and Learning Conference, sponsored by the Clute Institute for Academic Research, Paris, France. http://www.cluteinstitute.com

June 9-11, 2013 Special Libraries Association (SLA), San Diego, California, USA.http://www.sla.org/content/Events/index.cfm#futuremeetings

June 9-12, 2013 Canadian Higher Education and Information Technology (CANHEIT): Exceptional Ideas for a Changing World, 11th annual, University of Ottawa and Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. http://cuccio.net/events/CANHEIT/index.php

June 9-12, 2013 National Association of State Directors of Teaching Education and Certification, 85th, annual, Omni Hotel, Austin, Texas, USA. http://www.nasdtec.net/

June 9-12, 2013 Learning College Summit: Student Success and Completion, organized by the League for Innovation, hosted by Maricopa County Community College District, Sheraton Wild Horse Pass, Chandler, Arizona, USA. http://www.league.org/ls2013/

June 9-12, 2013 National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development (NAEYC), 22nd, San Francisco, California, USA. http://www.naeyc.org/institute/

June 9-13, 2013 Improving University Students’ Learning Outcomes through Case-based Teaching and Learning Symposium, organized by the International Academic Association for the Advancement of Learning-centred Higher Education (LIHE), Aegina Island, Greece.http://www.lihe.info/future-events/lihe13-europe-greece/lihe12-europe-2/

June 9-13, 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Communications (ICC2012) Industry Forum and Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary.http://www.ieee-icc.org/

June 9-14, 2013 Certificate for International Education Professionals Summer Institute, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. http://quic.queensu.ca/training/ietpnew.asp orhttp://quic.queensu.ca/training/summer_institute_ietp.asp

June 10-12, 2013 University Business Leadership Institute (UBTech formerly EduComm) 2013, Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://educommconference.com/

June 10-13, 2013 International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB) Conference: Mobility – The Invisible Norm”, 12th, Berlin, Germany. http://www.wi-mobile.org/en/icmb/icmb2013.html

June 10-14, 2013 Teaching with Technology Workshop, 11th annual, organized by EdTechTeacher, Woodward Academy, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://edtechteacher.org/index.php/professional-development/summer-workshops

June 10-14, 2013 International Conference on Supercomputing, 27th, sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA.http://www.ics-conference.org/

June 10-14, 2013 User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP), Rome, Italy.http://umap2012.polymtl.ca/en/

June 11-15, 2013 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success, organized by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. http://www.aacu.org/meetings/SummerInstitutes.cfm

June 12, 2013 E-Learning Symposium, hosted by the E-Learning Council, Austin, Texas, USA.http://www.elearningcouncil.com/

June 12-13, 2013 Expo eLearning 2013, Bogotá, Colombia. http://www.expoelearning.com/ orhttp://www.feriade.com/expoelearning_bogota.php

June 12-14, 2013 Computer Graphics International (CGI), 30th, University of Hannover, Hannover, Germany. http://cgi2013.welfenlab.de/

June 12-14, 2013 European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL) Workshop: Trends for the Future – Creating Strategies to Meet Challenges, Stockholm, Sweden.http://www.eahil.net/conferences_eahil.htm

June 12-14, 2013 Games + Learning + Society (GLS), 9th, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. http://www.glsconference.org/2013/

June 12-14, 2013 International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace (ICELW), 6th annual, Columbia University, New York City, New York, USA. http://www.icelw.org/

June 12-14, 2013 The State of Higher Education, annual, organized by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Mayflower Renaissance Washington Hotel, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.aaup.org/AAUP/about/events/2013anconfcallforproposals.htm

June 12-14, 2013 InfoComm: Information Communications Marketplace, Orlando, Florida, USA. www.infocomm.org

June 12-15, 2013 European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN) Annual Conference: The Joy of Learning – Enhancing Learning Experience and Quality, 22nd, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway. http://www.eden-online.org/

June 12-15, 2013 Community-University Expo: Engaging Shared Worlds, hosted by Memorial University of Newfoundland, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. http://www.cuexpo2013.ca/Pages/default.aspx

June 12-16, 2013 American Association of University Professors (AAUP), annual meeting, Mayflower Renaissance Washington Hotel, Washington, DC, USA.http://www.aaup.org/AAUP/about/events/default.htm

June 13-14, 2013 International Conference The Future of Education, 3rd, Florence Italy.http://www.pixel-online.net/foe2013/

June 13-14, 2013 International Conference on Electronic Publishing (ELPUB): Mining the Digital Information Networks, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden.http://www.elpub.net/ or http://www.bth.se/elpub2013

June 13-14, 2013 European Conference on eGovernment (ECEG), 13th, Como, Italy.http://academic-conferences.org/eceg/eceg2013/eceg13-home.htm

June 13-14, 2013 Annual Midwest Qualitative Research Conference, 19th, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.http://www.stthomas.edu/education/events/mqrc/default.html

June 13-15, 2013 International Society for Language Studies (ISLS) Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico. http://www.isls.co/index-2.html

June 13-15, 2013 Association of Canadian Archivists, 38th annual, Delta Winnipeg Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. http://www.archivists.ca/content/annual-conference

June 15-16, 2013 International Conference on Future Network Technologies, 5th, sponsored by the International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology, Colombo, Sri Lanka. http://www.icfn.org/cfp.htm

June 15-19, 2013 International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 10th, sponsored by the International Society of the Learning Sciences, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.http://www.isls.org/

June 16-18, 2013 Global Information Technology Management Association (GITMA) World Conference, 14th annual, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://www.gitma.org/

June 16-19, 2013 Learning International Networks Consortium (LINC): Realizing the Dream – Education Becoming Available to All. Will the World Take Advantage?, 6th, annual, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.http://linc.mit.edu/linc2013/default.htm

June 16-19, 2013 International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM): Innovating in Global Markets – Challenges for Sustainable Growth, Helsinki, Finland.http://conference.ispim.org/

June 16-19, 2013 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference and Exposition, Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://annual.shrm.org/

June 17-18, 2013 International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Research (including educational tourism), 2nd, Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore. http://www.tourism-conf.org/

June 17-19, 2013 Flipped Conference (FlipCon), 6th annual, hosted by the Flip Learning Network, Stillwater (near Minneapolis), Minnesota, USA. http://flipped-learning.com/?page_id=5 orhttp://www.flippedlearning.org/

June 17-19, 2013 ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security, 1st, Montpellier, France. http://www.ihmmsec.org/

June 17-20, 2013 International Conference on the First-Year Experience, 26th, organized by the National Resource Center on The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, Big Island, Hawaii, USA. http://www.sc.edu/fye/ifye/index.html

June 17-20, 2013 International Conference on Information Society (i-Society), University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. http://www.i-society.eu/

June 17-20, 2013 Canada International Conference on Education (CICE), University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. http://www.ciceducation.org/

June 17-20, 2013 International Conference on Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics Education 7th, Athens, Greece. http://www.atiner.gr/mathematics.htm

June 17-20, 2013 Canadian Association of College and University Student Services(CACUSS/ASEUCC), Montreal, Quebec, Canada. www.cacuss2013.ca or cacuss-ed@cacuss.ca

June 17-21, 2013 Virtual Educa: International Conference on Education, Professional Training, Innovation, Cooperation and Development, 14th, Medellin, Panama.http://www.virtualeduca.org

June 17-21, 2013 Learning without Frontiers (LWF): The Future of Learning Conference and Festival. Barbican Centre, London, UK. http://www.learningwithoutfrontiers.com/lwf13/

June 17-21, 2013 Teaching with Technology Workshop, 11th annual, organized by EdTechTeacher, Loyola University Law School, Chicago, Illinois, USA.http://edtechteacher.org/index.php/professional-development/summer-workshops

June 18-19, 2013 Character Education Conference, 19th annual, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.http://www.characterplus.org/page.asp?page=425

June 18-20, 2013 mLearnCon Conference and Expo, organized by the eLearning Guild, Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California, USA. http://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/content/1408/

June 18-20, 2013 Technology in Education Colorado, Copper Mountain Resort, Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA. http://tiecolorado.org/

June 18-20, 2013 O’Reilly Velocity Web Performance and Operations Conference, Santa Clara, California, USA. http://conferences.oreillynet.com/

June 18-21, 2013 Open Source Bridge: Connecting Developers across Projects, Languages and Backgrounds, Portland, Oregon, USA. http://opensourcebridge.org/

June 18-21, 2013 CommunicAsia: International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition and Conference, 24th, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. http://www.communicasia.com/

June 19-21, 2013 International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, 11th, Budapest, Hungary. http://thehumanities.com/the-conference

June 19-21, 2013 International Conference on Business Information Systems, 16th, Poznań, Poland. http://bis.kie.ue.poznan.pl/16th_bis/

June 19-21, 2013 Management, Knowledge and Learning International Conference: Active Citizenship by Knowledge Management and Innovation, sponsored by Management, Knowledge and Learning (Make Learn), Celje, Slovenia. http://makelearn.issbs.si/

June 19-21, 2013 World Summit on the Knowledge Society, 6th, Aveiro, Portugal.http://wsks.org/

June 19-22, 2013 National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA), organized by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), Gaylord National Resort, National Harbor, Maryland, USA. http://www.ccsso.org/News_and_Events/Meetings_and_Events.html

June 19-22, 2013 Faculty Learning Community Developers’ and Facilitators’ Institute, 14thannual, sponsored by the International Alliance of Teacher Scholars, Kellogg West Ranch at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, California, USA.http://www.iats.com/conferences/flc-institute/

June 19-22, 2013 African Education Week Convention and Learning Expo, 7th annual, Johannesburg, South Africa. http://www.educationweek.co.za/en/index.php

June 19-22, 2013 Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (CISTI), 8th, Lisbon, Portugal. http://www.aisti.eu/cisti2013/index.php?lang=en

June 19-23, 2013 Seoul International Book Fair, 19th, Coex, Seoul, South Korea.http://www.sibf.or.kr/

June 20-21, 2013 Editorial Manager User Group Meeting (EMUG), 11th, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.editorialmanager.com/homepage/conferences.html

June 20-21, 2013 IT4BC organized by the Higher Education Information Technology British Columbia (HEITBC), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. http://www.heitbc.ca/ orbbremner@heitbc.ca

June 20-22, 2013 Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE): Learning to Live, Learning for Life, 33rd, Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.http://www.stlhe.ca/conferences-events/stlhe-annual-conference/

June 20-22, 2013 Institute for New Chief Academic Officers, organized by the American Council on Education (ACE), Washington, DC, USA.http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ProgramsServices/Leadership/ExecutiveLeadershipGroup/Programs/cao_institute.htm

June 20-22, 2013 National Effective Teaching Institute (NETI), organized by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://www.asee.org/conferences-and-events/conferences

June 20-22, 2013 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention and Design Exposition, Denver, Colorado., USA. http://convention.aia.org/

June 20-22, 2013 Association of American University Presses, 76th, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.aaupnet.org/index.php

June 21-22, 2013 Textbook and Academic Authoring Annual Conference, sponsored by the Text and Academic Authors Association, 26th, Reno, Nevada, USA. http://www.taaonline.net/

June 21-24, 2013 Emerging Technologies Forum organized by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), San Antonio, Texas. USA.http://setda.org/web/guest/events

June 22, 2013 Workshop on K-12 Engineering Education, organized by the American Society for Engineering Education, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. http://www.asee.org/conferences-and-events/conferences

June 23-26, 2013 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), San Antonio, Texas, USA. http://www.iste.org/conferences/iste-conference

June 23-26, 2013 American Society for Engineering Education: Frankly, We Do Give a D*mn, 120th annual, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://www.asee.org/conferences/annual/futureannual.cfm

June 24-26, 2013 Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing/Association (CASN/ACESI) Conference: Collaborative Synergy – Teams, Scholarship and Capacity Building in Nursing Research, Hilton Metrotown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.http://www.casn.ca/en/UpcomingConferences_79/

June 24-27, 2013 International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN), 43rd, annual, sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), Budapest, Hungary. http://2013.dsn.org/

June 24-27, 2013 International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications(ICCSA), 13th, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. http://www.iccsa.org/

June 24-27, 2013 World Conference on Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education: Will-Power – Fueling the Future Workforce, 18th, sponsored by the World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE), Istanbul, Turkey. http://www.waceinc.org/

June 24-27, 2013 International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision, 21st, Pilzen, Czech Republic. http://www.wscg.eu/

June 24-28, 2013 ED-MEDIA 2013: World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications, sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), hosted by the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.http://aace.org/conf/

June 24-August 2, 2013 Teaching with Technology Workshop, 11th annual, organized by EdTechTeacher, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.http://edtechteacher.org/index.php/professional-development/summer-workshops

June 24-28, 2013 EDUCAUSE Learning Technology Leadership Program, Evanston, Illinois, USA. http://www.educause.edu/conferences-events/educause-event-finder

June 25, 2013 Learning and Teaching Conference, Ealing Campus, Thames Valley University, London, UK. http://www.tvu.ac.uk/instil/Events.jsp

June 25-27, 2013 International Conference on New Horizons in Education, Rome, Italy.http://www.int-e.net/

June 25-27, 2013 International Conference on Rural ICT Development (RICTD), Melaka, Malaysia. http://www.rictd.uum.edu.my/index.php/43-aconf/cpapers

June 25-28, 2013 Information: Interactions and Impact, 4th, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK. http://www.i3conference.org.uk/

June 25-28, 2013 International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) World Assembly: Innovations and Trends in Education, 57th, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Pakkret, Nonthaburi, Thailand. http://www.icet4u.org/ or http://icet2013.stou.ac.th/page/Showdata.aspx?PageId=44188&Datatype=1

June 25-28, 2013 Microsoft Tech Ed Europe, (Date may change.) Amsterdam, The Netherlands.http://europe.msteched.com/

June 25-28, 2013 The Power of Mindsets, hosted by Learning and the Brain Society, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.learningandthebrain.com/

June 26-28, 2013 Mobile Asia Expo, Shanghai, China. http://www.mobileasiaexpo.com/?MAEMM=CBWORLD

June 26-28, 2013 Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (IIMSS), 6th, Gifu, Japan. http://iimss-13.kesinternational.org/

June 26-28, 2013 College Media Conference, 27th annual, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges, Fairmont Hotel, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.cic.edu/meetings-and-events/Annual-Conferences/CMC/Pages/default.aspx

June 26-28, 2013 Diversity Conference: Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, 13thinternational, Darwin, Australia. http://ondiversity.com/conference-2012/

June 26-28, 2013 International Research Conference, 5th, sponsored by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) and the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore. http://www.iea.nl/irc-2013.html

June 26-29, 2013 Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER): Mobilising the Knowledge Economy for Europe, 42nd, annual, Munich, Germany. http://www.libereurope.eu/ orhttp://www.bsb-muenchen.de/LIBER-42nd-Annual-Conference.3636+M57d0acf4f16.0.html

June 27-28, 2013 International Conference on e-Learning (ICEL), 8th, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa. http://academic-conferences.org/icel/icel2013/icel13-home.htm

June 27-29, 2013 NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) Assessment and Persistence Conference, Gran Hyatt Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA.http://www.naspa.org/programs/apc/default.cfm

June 27-29, 2013 Film and Media: London Film and Media Conference, 3rd annual, Institute of Education Conference Centre, University of London, London, UK.http://thelondonfilmandmediaconference.com/

June 27-July 2, 2013 American Library Association Annual Conference: Transforming Our Libraries, Ourselves, Chicago, Illinois, USA.http://ala.org/ala/conferencesevents/upcoming/index.cfm

June 27-July 2, 2013 Public Library Association (PLA) Conference, Chicago, Illinois, USA.http://www.ala.org/pla/education

June 28, 2013 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Immersion Program:Teaching with Technology, Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://www.ala.org/acrl/conferences

June 28-30, 2013 ASCD Conference on Teaching Excellence, (ASCD formerly known as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), Washington, DC, USA.http://www.ascd.org/conferences.aspx

June 28-30, 2013 International Conference on e-Business Technology Strategy (iCETS), Macau, China. http://icets.info/

June 28-July2, 2013 International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators(IACLEA) Annual Conference and Exposition, 55th, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.http://www.iaclea.org/visitors/events/Conference/2013confindex.cfm

June 29-July 2, 2013 International Conference on Communities and Technologies, 6th biennial, Munich, Germany. http://www.ct2013.cnss.de/

June 30-July 6, 2013 InSITE: Informing Science + Information Technology EducationConferences, Porto, Portugal. http://www.informingscience.us/icarus/conferences/insite2013

June ?, 2013 International Education, organized by the Centre for Research in International Education, 6th biennial. The 5th biennial conference was held June 30-July 2, 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand. http://www.ais.ac.nz/287/centre-for-research-in-international-education/

As of November 12, 2012, information was NOT AVAILABLE for the 2013 versions of the events below.

June 4-5, 2012 International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), New York City, New York, USA.http://idpf.org/digital-book-2012

June 4-8, 2012 Global Learn Asia Pacific: Global Conference on Learning and Technology, sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, Singapore.http://www.aace.org/conf/glearn/

June 4-8, 2012 Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and South Africa Library and Information Association, 20th, organized by the Kenya Library Association, Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. http://www.klas.or.ke/p/kla-2011-annual-conference.html

June 6-8, 2012 National Institute on the Assessment of Adult Learning: Tradition and Innovation in a Competitive Environment, organized by Thomas Edison State College, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. http://www.tesc.edu/national-institute/

June 7-8, 2012, State University of New York (SUNY) Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Conference: Moving from Me to We – Breaking Boundaries and Building Bridges with Globally Networked Learning Partnerships, 4th annual, SUNY Global Center, New York City, New York, USA. www.suny.edu/global/coil

June 7-9, 2012 International Writing across the Curriculum (IWAC) Conference: The Future is WAC, 11th, Savannah, Georgia, USA.http://ceps.georgiasouthern.edu/conted/IWACproposals.html

June 11, 2012 Open Source and Design of Communication (OSDOC) Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal. http://eurosigdoc.acm.org/osdoc2012/

June 11-14, 2012 MobileHealth and 2nd Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) MobiHoc Workshop on Pervasive Wireless Healthcare, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA.http://www-l2ti.univ-paris13.fr/~boudjit/MobileHealth2012/

June 12-14, 2012 eLearning Forum Asia 2012: Engaging Technology-driven Learners, 7th, Peking University, Beijing, China. http://forums.pku.edu.cn/conference_blue/index.php?hy_id=23

June 13-14, 2012 Supported Online Learning for Students Using Technology for Information and Communication in Their Education (SOLSTICE) eLearning and Centre for Learning and Teaching Research (CLTR) Teaching and Learning Conference: Enhancing Learning, Teaching and Student Success, Edge Hill University, Lancashire, UK. http://ehu.ac.uk/sol2012

June 13-15, 2012 Online Teaching Conference: The Many Faces of Online Teaching, Evergreen College, San Jose, California, USA. http://www.onlineteachingconference.org/

June 13-15, 2012 International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH), 2nd, Mohammed V University and Ibn Tofail University, Rabat, Morocco. http://www.dirf.org/intech/

June 14-15, 2012 International e-Learning Conference: Smart Innovations in Education and Life Long Learning, organized by the Thailand Cyber University and the Office of the Higher Education Commission Thailand, Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi, Thailand.http://support.thaicyberu.go.th/iec2012/

June 14-15, 2012 Australian Private Higher Education Conference: Examining Sector Growth, Regulation and Best Practice, 1st, Melbourne, Australia.http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/australian-private-higher-education-conference

June 14-16, 2012 International Conference for Theory and Practice in Education: Information and Education, 5th, Miskolc, Hungary. http://www.eduscience.hu/Fifthaesconference.html

June 14-16, 2012 Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) Annual General Meeting, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. http://publishers.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47&Itemid=96

June 14-18, 2012 International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS), 11th, Chania, Crete, Greece. http://its2012.teicrete.gr/location

June 17-19, 2012 Malaysia Open Source Conference (MOSC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.http://portal.mosc.my/

June 18-20, 2012 International Conference on Evaluation for Practice, 8th, University Consortium of Pori, Pori, Finland. http://www.ucpori.fi/sivu.aspx?taso=2&id=1165

June 18-20, 2012 EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR): Higher Education’s Changing Landscape and the Promise of Analytics – New Challenges and Opportunities for IT, Boulder, Colorado, USA. http://www.educause.edu/ECAR12

June 18-20, 2012 Learning Transfer Conference, organized by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Chicago, Illinois, USA.http://www.astd.org/Events.aspx

June 19, 2012 Networks – The Building Blocks for Sustainable Development, sponsored by Publishers for Development, Charles Darwin House, London, UK. http://www.pubs-for-dev.info/conference/2012-conference/

June 20-22, 2012 French MoodleMoot, Nimes, France. http://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=33or http://moodlemoot2012.unimes.fr/

June 20-22, 2012 Best Teachers International Summer Institute, 17th, West Orange, New Jersey, USA. http://www.bestteachersinstitute.org/

June 20-22, 2012 Office of Women in Higher Education National Leadership Forum, 79th, sponsored by the American Council on Education (ACE), Washington, DC, USA.http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ProgramsServices/OWHE/Leading/National_Leadership.htm

June 21-22, 2012 International Conference on Information Science Technology and Management (CISTM), 10th, Lisbon, Portugal. http://www.cistm.org/

June 21-23, 2012 Connecting Rural Communities Africa Forum, 7th annual, Freetown, Sierra Leone. http://www.cto.int/Default.aspx?tabid=88

June 24-29, 2012 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), 19th, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.http://conferences.computer.org/icws/2012/

June 25-27, 2012 Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE), 15th, organized by the International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED), Napoli, Italy. http://www.iasted.org/conferences/cfp-774.html

June 25-29, 2012 EDUCAUSE Learning Technology Leadership Program, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://net.educause.edu/TheEDUCAUSEInstituteLearningTechnologyLeadershipProgram/6273

June 26-27, 2012 Social Media in Higher Education Conference, 2nd, Sydney, Australia.http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/social-media-in-higher-education-conference

June 27-29, 2012 International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing, 10th, Annecy, France. http://www.polytech.univ-savoie.fr/index.php?id=cbmi2012

June 27-29, 2012 University Planning and Design Summit, 5th, Sydney, Australia.http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/university-planning-design-summit

June 28-30, 2012 International Conference on Educational Reform in the 21st Century in Balkan Countries, 15th, organized by the Balkan Society for Pedagogy and Education and the University of South-east Europe Lumina, Bucharest, Romania. http://edureform.lumina.org/

JULY 2013

July 1-3, 2013 Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) Conference, 18th, annual, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.http://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/events/iticse2013/index.html

July 1-4, 2013 Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia(HERDSA) Conference, Auckland, New Zealand. http://www.herdsa.org.au

July 1-5, 2013 Biennial Conference on Teachers and Teaching, 16th, organized by the International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT), Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium. http://www.isatt2013.ugent.be/

July 1-5, 2013 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC), 9th, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. http://iwcmc.org/2013/

July 1-6, 2013 National Education Association (NEA) Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. http://www.nea.org/

July 1-6, 2013 International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) and Youth Summit,20th annual, Doha, Qatar. http://iearn.org/index.html or http://www.rotaknowledgenet.org/iearn-qatar/home

July 2-3, 2013 International Problem-based Learning Symposium, 4th, University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://www.ucpbl.net/ or http://ctl.utm.my/irspbl2013

July 2-4, 2013 Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA) Support Services Conference, John McIntyre Centre, Edinburgh, UK.http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/groups/ssg/Events/2013/supportservices.aspx

July 2-4, 2013 Corporate Universities and Ac@demies Summit, 3rd, annual, Brussels, Belgium. http://human-resources.flemingeurope.com/corporate-universities

July 2-4, 2013 International Conference of Organizational Innovation (ICOI), 7th, Bangkok, Thailand. http://www.iaoiusa.org/2013icoi/

July 2-5, 2013 International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT): Excellence of Teachers? Practice, Policy, Research, 16th, biennial, University of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium.http://isatt.net/dev/ or http://www.isatt2013.ugent.be/

July 2-6, 2013 Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA) Conference: Globalizing Businesses for the Next Century – Visualizing and Developing Contemporary Approaches to Harness Future Opportunities, 15th annual, Helsinki, Finland. http://www.gbata.com

July 2-7, 2013 WorldSkills Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany. http://www.worldskillsleipzig2013.com/

July 3-5, 2013 International Conference on Innovative, Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing (IMIS2012), 7th, Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan.http://voyager.ce.fit.ac.jp/conf/imis/2013/

July 3-5, 2013 World Journalism Education Congress, 3rd, Mechelen, Belgium.http://wjec.ou.edu/

July 3-7, 2013 International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS), 15th, ESEO, Angers Loire Valley, France. http://www.iceis.org/

July 4-5, 2013 European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies (ECRM), 12th, Minho, Portugal. http://academic-conferences.org/ecrm/ecrm2013/ecrm13-home.htm

July 4-6, 2013 International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICICTE), 13th annual, Crete, Greece. www.icicte.org

July 4-7, 2013 Tokyo International Book Fair, 20th, Tokyo, Japan. http://www.bookfair.jp/en/

July 5-7, 2013 The Association for the Teaching of Psychology (ATP) Annual Conference, Keele University, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.http://www.atpconference.org.uk/

July 6-7, 2013 International Conference on Knowledge and Education Technology (ICKET), Hong Kong, China. http://www.icket.org/

July 7-10, 2013 Presidential Vocation and Institutional Mission Seminar, organized by the Council of Independent Colleges, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.cic.edu/meetings-and-events/Leadership-Development/Pages/Presidential-Vocation.aspx

July 7-12, 2013 Blackboard BbWorld: Blackboard Users’ Conference / Blackboard Collaborate Connections, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.blackboard.com/BbWorld/Home.aspx orhttp://www.blackboard.com/contact-us/events-center/user-conferences/bbworld-na.aspx

July 8-9, 2013 Global Healthcare Conference, 2nd, Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore.http://www.globalhc-conf.org/

July 8-9, 2013 Sloan Consortium Blended Learning Conference and Workshop, 10th annual, Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. http://sloanconsortium.org/blended

July 8-9, 2013 Canadian Teachers’ Federation President’s Forum, 5th annual, Marriott Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. http://www.ctf-fce.ca/Events/?index_id=121317&lang=EN orhttp://www.ctf-fce.ca/Events/Default.aspx?index_id=121317&lang=FR

July 8-10, 2013 Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education (FYHE): New Horizons, 16th, Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, New Zealand. http://www.fyhe.com.au/

July 8-10, 2013 International ePortfolio and Identity Conference, ePIC 2013, 11th annual, IET Savoy Place, London, UK. http://www.epforum.eu/

July 8-10, 2013 International Conference on Digital Information and Communication Technology and its Applications (DICTAP), VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. http://sdiwc.net/conferences/2013/dictap2013/

July 8-11, 2013 International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), 7th, organized by Microsoft Research, the MIT Media Lab, and Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.http://www.icwsm.org/2013/

July 8-11, 2013 International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), 33rd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.temple.edu/cis/icdcs2013/

July 8-12, 2013 International Conference on Open Repositories (OR), 8th, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. http://or2013.net/

July 8-12, 2013 WACE Global Institute on Experiential Education, 8th, Cape Ann, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.waceinc.org/institute/index.html

July 8-13, 2013 Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) Conference: Challenging and Changing Disability Perspectives, 33rd, Hilton Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://www.ahead.org/

July 9-10, 2013 International Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) Conference, organized by the University of Southampton and the Open University, Southampton, UK.http://caaconference.co.uk/

July 9-11, 2013 Western Conference on Science Education, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. http://www.thewesternconference.ca//

July 9-11, 2013 Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy: Developmental Management, University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain.http://www.uv.es/gika/

July 9-12, 2013 International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching, 12th, co-hosted by University of Torino and University of Bari, Bari, Italy. http://www.dm.uniba.it/ictmt11/

July 9-13, 2013 Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference Series, biennial, sponsored by the International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.http://iaied.org/conf/event/12/

July 10-12, 2013 National Vocational Education and Training Research Conference: No Frills, 22nd, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.http://www.ncver.edu.au/newsevents/events.html#22nd_National_Vocational_Education_and_Training_Research_Conference_(No_Frills)

July 10-12, 2013 Higher Education Institutional Research (UK and Ireland) Conference: Productive Partnerships – Engaging Stakeholders in IR, 6th annual, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK. http://www.heirnetwork.org.uk/

July 10-13, 2013 WorldCALL Sustainability and Computer Assisted Language Learning(CALL), Glasgow, UK. http://www.worldcall.org/

July 10-14, 2013 Institute on Integrative Learning and the Departments, organized by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), Portland State University, Portland, Washington, USA. http://www.aacu.org/meetings/SummerInstitutes.cfm

July 11-12, 2013 National Conference of Academic Deans, University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas, USA. http://uca.edu/ncad

July 11-13, 2013 International Conference on Learning, 20th, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece. http://thelearner.com/the-conference

July 11-13, 2013 National Association of Elementary School Principal (NAESP), 92nd, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://www.naesp.org/

July 11-14, 2013 European Conference on Technology in the Classroom (ECTC), Brighton, UK. http://www.ectc.iafor.org/

July 12-13, 2013 National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) Conference: Intersections – Teaching and Learning across Media, Torrance, California, USA.http://namle.net/conference/

July 12-14, 2013 British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society (BELMAS) Conference: Leading Beyond the Institution, Edinburgh, UK.http://www.belmas.org.uk/belmas11/events/conf2013.eb

July 13-14, 2013 International Conference on Education and Management Technology (ICEMT), 4th, Jakarta, Indonesia. http://www.icemt.org/?page/about

July 13-16, 2013 Summer Council of Presidents, organized by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), Annapolis, Maryland, USA.http://www.aascu.org/MeetingsCalendar/

July 13-16, 2013 National Association of College and University Business Officers(NACUBO): Driving Innovation, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. http://www.nacuboannualmeeting.org/ ornacubo.org

July 13-16, 2013 American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Meeting and Conference: Rethink Your Value, 106th, Seattle, Washington, USA. http://www.aallnet.org/events/

July 14-16, 2013 American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers(AACRAO) Transfer Conference, Tucson, Arizona, USA. http://www.aacrao.org/

July 14-16, 2013 American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers(AACRAO) Technology Conference, JW Marriott Starr Pass Hotel, Tucson, Arizona, USA.http://www.aacrao.org/meetings/tech2013.aspx

July 14-16, 2013 Lausanne Laptop Institute: The Collaborative One-to-One Conference for K-12 Professionals, Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.http://www.laptopinstitute.com/

July 14-17, 2013 Desire2Learn Users’ Conference: FUSION 2013, 10th annual, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.desire2learn.com/fusion/

July 14-18, 2013 American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Conference, 27th, Bellevue, Washington, USA. http://www.aaai.org/Conferences/AAAI/aaai.php

July 14-19, 2013 EDUCAUSE Breakthrough Models Academy, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.educause.edu/conferences-events/educause-event-finder

July 14-19, 2013 International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) Conference: Curating the Conditions for a Thrivable Planet – Systematic Leverage Points for Emerging a Global Eco-Civilization, 57th annual, Hai Phong City, Vietnam . http://isss.org/world/

July 14-20, 2013 Conference on Global Leadership: Emerging Scholarly Research Forum, Learning and Research, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.fischlerschool.nova.edu/summer/emerging

July 15-17, 2013 Australian University Community Engagement Alliance (AUCEA) National Conference: Next Steps, 10th annual, Melbourne, Australia. http://www.aucea.org.au/

July 15-17, 2013 International Professional Communication Conference (IPCC): Beyond Borders – Communicating Globally, sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Professional Communication Society, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. http://pcs.ieee.org/ipcc2013/

July 15-18, 2013 July 10-13, 2012 International Conference Information Visualisation, 17th. London, UK. http://www.graphicslink.co.uk/IV2013/

July 15-18, 2013 International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT): Reshaping Learning – Transforming Education through the Fusion of Learning and Technology, 13th, organized by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society and IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology, Beijing, China.http://www.ask4research.info/icalt/2013/

July 15-19, 2013 International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), San Jose, California, USA.http://www.icme2013.org/

July 15-19, 2013 EDUCAUSE Management Program, Evanston, Illinois, USA.http://www.educause.edu/conferences-events/educause-event-finder

July 15-26, 2013 Making Education Relevant and Interactive through Technology (MERIT), Krause Center for Innovation, Foothill College (FCI), Los Altos, California, USA.http://sites.google.com/site/kcimeritprogram/

July 16-19, 2013 National Conference on Differentiated Instruction, sponsored by the Staff Development for Educators, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.sde.com/di2012/

July 16-19, 2013 Digital Humanities: Freedom to Explore, organized by the Association for Computers in Humanities, the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing, the Society for Digital Humanities and centerNet, hosted by the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.http://dh2013.unl.edu/

July 17-18, 2013 Summer Research Institute on the Future of Community Engagement in Higher Education, 4th, annual, Tufts University, Boston Massachusetts, USA.http://www.merrimack.edu/academics/education/center_for_engaged_democracy/future_of_community_engagement_in_higher_education/

July 18-19, 2013 eLearning Engagement and Interactivity: Tips and Techniques, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online. http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

July 18-21, 2013 European Conference on Arts and Humanities (ECAH), Thistle Brighton, Brighton, UK. http://ecah.iafor.org/

July 18-21, 2013 European Conference on Language Learning (ECLL), Brighton, UK.http://ecll.iafor.org/index.html

July 19-21, 2013 WorldFuture 2013: Exploring the Next Horizon, Hilton Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA. www.wfs.org/worldfuture-2013

July 20-21, 2013 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2nd, Chengdu, China. http://www.icikm.org/

July 20-23, 2013 Presidents Academy Summer Institute (PASI), sponsored by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), Baltimore, Maryland, USA.http://www.aacc.nche.edu/

July 20-23, 2013 Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Summer Institute, Kohler, Wisconsin, USA. http://www.ccsso.org/News_and_Events/Meetings_and_Events.html

July 21-24, 2013 High Impact Technology Exchange Conference, Austin, Texas, USA.http://www.ictcenter.org/

July 21-24, 2013 Learning Forward Summer Conference for Teacher Leaders and the Administrators Who Support Them, sponsored by Learning Forward (formerly known as the National Staff Development Council – NSDC), Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.http://www.learningforward.org/learning-opportunities/summer-conference#.UIJpSm-DGd8

July 21-25, 2013 Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques,SIGGRAPH 2013, 40th, Anaheim, California, USA. http://www.siggraph.org/events orhttp://www.siggraph.org/s2013

July 21-26, 2013 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 15th, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.hci-international.org/ or http://www.hcii2013.org/

July 21-August 4, 2013 European Summer School in Digital Humanities: Culture and Technology, Leipzig, Germany. http://www.culingtec.uni-leipzig.de/ESU_C_T/

July 22-23, 2013 Human Resource Management and Professional Development for the Digital Age (HRM&PD), 3rd, annual, Singapore. http://www.hr-mgt.org/

July 22-26, 2013 EDUCAUSE Leadership Program, Evanston, Illinois, USA.http://www.educause.edu/conferences-events/educause-event-finder

July 22-26, 2013 International Conference on Higher Education and Disability, 8th, organized by the University of Innsbruck and the University of New Orleans Training, Resource and Assistive-technology Center (USA), Innsbruck, Austria. http://trac.uno.edu/conf/about.cfm

July 22-26, 2013 O’Reilly OSCON Open Source Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA.http://conferences.oreillynet.com/

July 22-26, 2013 International Nursing Research Congress, 24th, organized by the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, Prague, Czech Republic.http://www.nursingsociety.org/STTIEvents/ResearchCongress/Pages/2013_24_INRC_home.aspx

July 22-26, 2013 International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC): The Expanding Sphere of Software and Data, 37th, annual, Kyoto, Japan.http://compsac.cs.iastate.edu/

July 22-26, 2013 ACM/Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Joint Conference onDigital Libraries, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. http://www.jcdl.org/

July 22-27, 2013 Educating for the 21St Century, Centre for Executive Education, University for Peace, San José, Costa Rica. http://www.centre.upeace.org/index.php/courses/82-educating-for-the-21st-century-

July 23-26, 2013 International Conference on Critical Thinking, 32nd, Berkeley, California, USA.http://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/calendar-of-events-in-critical-thinking/639

July 24-26, 2013 Building Learning Communities (BLC), Boston, Massachusetts, USA.http://blcconference.com/

July 24-26, 2013 US Electronic Theses and Dissertation Association (USETDA): Waves of Change – Oceans of Opportunity, 3rd, annual, Claremont, California, USA. http://www.usetda.org/?page_id=1591

July 25-27, 2013 International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, 4th, biennial, co-hosted by Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Douglas College and Langara College, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. http://kwantlen.ca/ictp.html

July 25-27, 2013 Academic Affairs Summer Meeting, organized by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), Baltimore, Maryland, USA.http://www.aascu.org/MeetingsCalendar/

July 27-31, 2013 Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), 48th, San Diego, California, USA. http://www.scup.org/page/leadership/annualconf/locations#Future

July 28-August 1, 2013 International Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval (SIGIR) Conference, 36th, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.http://www.sigir.org/ or http://sigir2013.ie/

July 28-August 2, 2013 International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML), Vienna, Austria. http://www.iaml.info/activities/conferences/

July 28-August 3, 2013 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)/HarvardLeadership Institute for Academic Librarians, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.http://www.ala.org/acrl/conferences

July 29-31, 2013 Electronic Visualisation and Arts (EVA), sponsored by the Computer Arts Society and the Chartered Institute for IT, British Computer Society, Covent Garden, London, UK.http://www.eva-london.org/

July 29-31, 2013 International Conference on Wireless Information Networks and Systems (WINSYS), 10th, Reykjavík, Iceland. http://www.winsys.icete.org/

July 29-31, 2013 International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications(ICETE), 10th, Reykjavík, Iceland. http://www.icete.org/

July 29-31, 2013 eduWeb Conference, 8th annual, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.http://www.eduwebconference.com/

July 29-August 1, 2013 Campus Technology Conference, 20th annual, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://events.campustechnology.com/Events/CT-Summer-Educational-Technology-Conference/Home.aspx

July 29-August 2, 2013 Pan-African Reading for All Conference, 8th, co-hosted by the Association of Reading of Kenya and the University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya.http://www.uonbi.ac.ke/node/531

July 29-August 2, 2013 New Presidents’ Academy, American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), La Jolla, California, USA. http://www.aascu.org/MeetingsCalendar/

July 30-August 1, 2013 Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 8th, Prague, Czech Republic.http://thesocialsciences.com/the-conference

July 30-August 2, 2013 Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC), 10th, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. http://smc2013.smcnetwork.org/ or smac-2013@csc.kth.se

July ? 2013, International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Conference, 12th, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. http://ihpst.net/


August 2-6, 2013 Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) Summer Conference, Hyatt Regency Washington on Capital Hill, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.ate1.org/pubs/Future_Meetings.cfm

August 3-4, 2013 International Conference on Computer Technology and Science (ICCTS), 2nd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. http://www.iccts.org/

August 3-9, 2013 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 23rd, Beijing, China.http://ijcai.org/

August 5-7, 2013 International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration (WikiSym), 9th, Hong Kong, China. http://www.wikisym.org/

August 5-7, 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) World Congress onInternet Security (WorldCIS), Tokyo, Japan. http://www.worldcis.org/

August 5-7, 2013 College Teaching and Learning Conference, sponsored by the Clute Institute for Academic Research, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA. http://www.cluteinstitute.com

August 6-8, 2013 E-Learning Update: Blended Learning – Perfecting the Blend, 6th, Johannesburg, South Africa. https://sites.google.com/site/elearningatbase/

August 7-9, 2013 Distance Teaching and Learning, 29th annual, Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. http://www.uwex.edu/disted/conference/

August 7-11, 2013 International Wikimania Conference, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China. http://wikimania2013.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_page

August 8-10, 2013 International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, 19th, Brighton, UK. http://www.ksi.edu/seke/dms13.html

August 9-10, 2013 National Interactive Teaching and Learning Conference: Integrating and Applying Digital Technology in the Classroom – To Enhance Teaching and Learning, 10th, St. Hilda’s School, Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.http://www.iwb.net.au/conferences/itl/default.htm

August 11-13, 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Conference onComputational Intelligence in Games, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.http://eldar.mathstat.uoguelph.ca/dashlock/CIG2013/ or http://www.ieee-cig.org/

August 11-15, 2013 Canadian Association of Geographers’ Annual Meeting, Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. http://www.cag-acg.ca/en/cag_annual_meeting.html

August 11-17, 2013 Society of American Archivists (SAA), 77th, annual, Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. http://www2.archivists.org/conference/2013/new-orleans

August 12-15, 2013 FileMaker Developer Conference, Hilton Bayfront, San Diego, California, USA. http://www.filemaker.com/developers/devcon/index.html

August 14-16, 2013 International Conference on Internet Technology and Applications, 4th, Wuhan, China. http://www.itapconf.org/2013/

August 14-16, 2013 Interactive Technologies Conference, sponsored by the Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT), Hyatt Regency, Reston, Virginia, USA. http://www.salt.org/salt.asp?ss=l&pn=calendar

August 15-16, 2013 Collaborative and Social Learning: Best Practices for Learning with Others, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online. http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

August 15-17, 2013 Americas Conference on Information Systems: Hyperconnected World – Anything, Anywhere, Anytime, organized by the Association for Information Systems 19th, Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://amcis2013.aisnet.org/

August 17-18, 2013 International Conference on Education Technology and Computer, 5th, Malé, Maldives. http://www.iacsit.org/conference.htm

August 17-23, 2013 World Library and Information Congress: Future Libraries – Infinite Possibilities, 79th International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Conference and Assembly, Singapore. http://conference.ifla.org/ifla79

August 19-22, 2013 International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, (CoLIS), 8th, Copenhagen, Denmark. http://www.iva.dk/english/colis8/

August 20-23, 2013 World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics, 14th, Copenhagen, Denmark. http://www.medinfo2013.dk/

August 22-25, 2013 Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) Annual Conference: Education for the Future, 5thØstfold University College, Halden, Norway. http://www.atee1.org/

August 26-27, 2013 International Conference on Education and e-Learning (EeL), 3rd, Singapore. http://e-learningedu.org/

August 26-28, 2013 International Conference on Mobile Web Information Systems (MobiWIS), 10th, Paphos, Cyprus. http://mobiwis2013.cs.ucy.ac.cy/index.php orhttp://www.mobiwis.org/2013/#homePage

August 26-30, 2013 International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications(DEXDA), 24th, Prague, Czech Republic. http://www.dexa.org/

August 27-29, 2013 Integrate Expo: Audiovisual, Entertainment and Information Communication Technology, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Australia. http://www.integrate-expo.com/

August 27-30, 2013 International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (Mobile HCI 2013), 15th, Munich, Germany.http://www.mobilehci2013.org/

August 27-31, 2013 European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction: Responsible Teaching and Sustainable Learning, Munich, Germany, 15th, biennial,http://www.earli.org/conferences/EARLI_Biennial_Conferences/Future_Biennial_Conferences

August 28-31, 2013 European Higher Education Society Forum: Impact of Higher Education – Addressing the Challenges of the 21st Century, 35th, annual, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. http://www.eair.nl/forum/rotterdam/

August 29-30, 2013 National Leading a Digital School Conference: Leading the Vision and Setting the Tone with Digital Technology, 7th, Melbourne, Australia.http://www.iwb.net.au/conferences/digital/default.htm

August 29-September 1, 2013 American Political Science Association Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://www.apsanet.org/content_9906.cfm?navID=597

August 30, 2013 Cloud Develop: Midwest Cloud Computing Conference, Ohio Union, Columbus, Ohio. http://clouddevelop.org/

August 31-September 2, 2013 The Society for Editors and Proofreaders Annual Conference, 24th, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK.http://www.sfep.org.uk/pub/confs/conferences.asp


September 2-6, 2013 Interact Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2013: Designing for Diversity, 14th International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) conference, Cape Town, South Africa. http://www.interact2013.org/Home

September 2-6, 2013 Australasian Evaluation Society (AES): Evaluation Shaping a Better Future – Priorities, Pragmatics, Promise and Power, Brisbane, Australia. http://www.aes.asn.au/2013/

September 2-7, 2013 European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) Conference, biennial, Nicosia, Cyprus. http://www.esera2013.org.cy/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=1

September 3-5, 2013 International Networking for Healthcare Education Conference (NET2013), Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, UK. http://www.jillrogersassociates.co.uk

September 4-6, 2013 FutureTech: International Conference on Future Information Technology, 8th, hosted by Future Technology Research Association (FTRA) International, Gwangju, Korea.http://www.ftrg.org/futuretech2013/

September 4-6, 2013 International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World (IMCW): Beyond the Cloud – Information, Innovation, Collaboration, 4th, organized by Hacettepe University and the Limerick Institute of Technology, Strand Hotel, Limerick, Ireland.http://imcw2013.bilgiyonetimi.net/

September 4-5, 2013 International Conference on Mobile, Ubiquitous, and Intelligent Computing (MUSIC), 4th, Gwangju, Korea. http://www.ftrai.org/music2012/index.php

September 5-6, 2013 European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM), 14th, Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania. http://academic-conferences.org/eckm/eckm2013/eckm13-home.htm

September 8-10, 2013 International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication, 7th, organized by the American Medical Association, Chicago, Illinois, USA.http://www.peerreviewcongress.org/index.html

September 8-11, 2013 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, (FedCSIS), Kraków, Poland. http://www.fedcsis.org/

September 8-12, 2013 International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, 15th, Zurich, Switzerland. http://www.ubicomp.org/ubicomp2012/index.html

September 8-12, 2013 American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition: Chemistry of Life, 246th, Chemistry in Motion, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.http://portal.acs.org/portal/acs/corg/content?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=PP_ARTICLEMAIN&node_id=9&use_sec=false&__uuid=2b3f7b7f-32c4-4db0-bf90-5ad314246541

September 9-11, 2013 World Congress on Education, University of Greenwich, London, UK.http://www.worldconedu.org/

September 9-11, 2013 American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Fall Forum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. www.americantelemed.org

September 10-12, 2013 International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology(ALT-C 2013): Building New Cultures of Learning, 20th, Nottingham, UK.http://www.alt.ac.uk/altc2013

September 10-12, 2013 UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development: Education and Development Post 2015 – Reflecting, Reviewing, Re-visioning, 12th, University of Oxford Examination Schools, Oxford, UK, http://www.cfbt.com/UKFIET/

September 10-12, 2013 International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM), 8th, sponsored by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Islamabad, Pakistan.http://www.icdim.org/

September 10-13, 2013 European Conference on Educational Research, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, Turkey. http://www.eera-ecer.eu/

September 10-13, 2013 International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications, 5th, biennial, Wrexham, North Wales, UK. http://www.ita13.org/

September 10-13, 2013 European Association for International Education (EAIE)Conference, 25th, annual, Istanbul, Turkey. http://www.eaie.org/

September 11-13, 2013 Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS): Stimulating Change – Inspire. Innovate. Engage, Adelaide, Australia. http://www.arms2013.org.au/

September 11-13, 2013 Designs on E-Learning International Conference, 9th, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. http://www.designsonelearning.net/http://uncw.edu/

or c.webb@arts.ac.uk

September 12-13, 2013 European Conference on Information Management and Evaluation(ECIME), 7th, University of Gdańsk, Sopot, Poland. http://academic-conferences.org/ecime/ecime2013/ecime13-home.htm

September 16-19, 2013 SimHealth 2013, organized by the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH), Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.http://www.simhealth.com.au/

September 16-19, 2013 Asia-Pacific Simulation Technology and Training (SimTecT) Conference and Exhibition, organized by Simulation Australia, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. http://www.simtect.com.au/

September 17-19, 2013 Mathematics and Computers in Biology and Chemistry (MCBC), 14th, organized by World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. http://www.wseas.org/wseas/cms.action

September 17-19, 2013 June 13-15, 2012 Mathematics and Computers in Business and Economics, (MCBE), 14th, organized by World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.http://www.wseas.org/wseas/cms.action

September 19-20, 2013 European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ECIE), 8th, Brussels, Belgium. http://academic-conferences.org/ecie/ecie2013/ecie13-home.htm

September 19-20, 2013 mLearning: Tips and Techniques for Planning, Analysis and Design, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online. http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

September 19-21, 2013 National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) National Conference, 69th, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.http://www.nacacnet.org/EventsTraining/EventsCalendar/Pages/default.aspx

September 19-22, 2013 Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, hosted by the International Teaching and Learning Cooperative, Traverse City, Missouri, USA.http://lillyconferences.com/

September 20-21, 2013 Case Study Teaching in Science, 14th annual, organized by the National Center for Case Study Teaching, Buffalo, New York, USA.http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/training/conference/ or nccsts@buffalo.edu

September 20-23, 2013 World Congress on Educational Environments, sponsor by Council of Educational Facility Planners (CEFPI), Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. http://www.cefpi.org/

September 22-26, 2013 International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries: Sharing Meaningful Information, 17th, organized by the University of Malta, Valletta, Malta.http://www.tpdl2013.info/

September 23-25, 2013 International Conference on e-Learning and e-Technologies in Education (ICEEE), 2nd, Technical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland.http://sdiwc.net/conferences/2013/iceee2013/

September 23-26, 2013 International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD): Asian Values, Western Thought, World Treasure, 16th, organized by the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDTD), University of Hong, Hong Kong, China. http://www.ndltd.org/or http://lib.hku.hk/etd2013/about.html

September 25-27, 2013 International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL), 16th, Kazan, Russia. http://www.icl-conference.org/

September 25-27, 2013 International Conference on Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP), Kazan, Russia. http://www.igip-online.net/

September 26-27, 2013 European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning (EFQUEL) InnovationForum: Learning for Open Innovation, Barcelona, Spain. http://efquel.org/

September 26-28, 2013 School Leadership Symposium (SLS): International Conference for School Effectiveness, School Improvement and School Management, University of Teacher Education of Central Switzerland, Zug, Switzerland. http://www.edulead.com/2013/information.php

September 26-28, 2013 European Information Architecture Summit (EuroIA), 9th, annual, Edinburgh, UK. http://www.euroia.org/

September 29-October 2, 2013 Health 2.0, Santa Clara, California, USA.http://www.health2con.com/events/

September 29-October 3, 2013 World Conference on Science and Technology Education: Live Science, Love Learning, Create Change, sponsored by International Council of Associations for Science Education (ICASE), UNESCO, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching City, Sarawak, Malaysia. http://worldste2013.org/

September 30-October 2, 2013 National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) Conference, 42nd, annual, Loews Don Cesar Hotel, St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA.http://www.nsee.org/

September ? 2013 International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications, 5th, biennial. The conference will be held September 3-6, 2013 or September 10-13, 2013. Last held in 2011 at Glyndwr University, Wrexham, North Wales, UK. http://www.ita11.org/ orr.picking@glyndwr.ac.uk


October 1-2, 2013 World of Learning Conference and Exhibition, 21st, Birmingham, UK.http://www.learnevents.com/

October 1-3, 2013 Asian Association of Open Universities: Leveraging the Power of Open and Distance Education for Building a Divergent Asia – Today’s Solutions and Tomorrow’s Vision, 27th annual, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan.http://www.aaou.net/ or http://aaou2013.aiou.edu.pk/

October 1-4, 2013 International Council for Educational Media (ICEM): we-Learning – Content, Community and Collaboration, 63rd annual, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/aect.site-ym.com/resource/resmgr/events_pdf/icem2013_flyer.pdf orhttp://www.facebook.com/icem2013/info

October 2-4, 2013 Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) National Conference: Creating Tomorrow, Canberra, Australia. http://www.acel.org.au/index.php?id=1663

October 2-5, 2013 Education and Educational Psychology, 4th, Antalya, Turkey.http://www.iceepsy.org/

October 2-6, 2013 American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) Annual Meeting, Le Centre Sheraton, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.http://www.asist.org/conferences.html

October 3-4, 2013 European Conference on Game Based Learning, 7th, Porto, Portugal.http://academic-conferences.org/ecgbl/ecgbl2013/ecgbl13-home.htm

October 3-5, 2013 Civic Engagement, Global Learning, sponsored by the Network of Academic Renewal of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), Providence, Rhode Island, USA. http://www.aacu.org/meetings/NetworkforAcademicRenewal.cfm

October 3-5, 2013 International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT), 5th, biennial, organized by the University of Alberta, Banff, Alberta, Canada.http://www.educ.ualberta.ca/tblt2013/

October 3-10, 2013 Southern Association for Institutional Research (SAIR), Memphis, Tennessee, USA. http://www.sair.org/conferences/Conferences.asp

October 6-9, 2013 Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education (ACUTA) Fall Seminar, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. http://www.acuta.org/

October 7-8, 2013 Space Strategies, organized by Tradeline Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.http://www.tradelineinc.com/conferences/

October 7-9, 2013 Human Resource (HR) Technology Conference and Expo, 16th, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, USA. http://www.hrtechnologyconference.com/

October 7-10, 2013 World Congress on Access to Postsecondary Education: Connecting the Unconnected, 1st, initiated by the European Access Network (EAN), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.http://www.ean-edu.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=205:world-congress-2013&catid=41:future&Itemid=91 or www.eanworldcongress.org

October 8-10, 2013 Engagement Scholarship Consortium: Boundary Spanning – Engaged Scholarship across Disciplines, Communities and Geography, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA. http://engagementscholarship.org/

October 8-11, 2013 Australian International Education Conference (AIEC), Canberra, Australia.http://www.aiec.idp.com/home.aspx

October 8-11, 2013 Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Membership Meeting, 163rd, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.arl.org/events/futuremms/index.shtml

October 9-11, 2013 Worlddidac Asia for Educational Material, Media and Technology, 6th, Bangkok, Thailand. http://www.worlddidacasia.com/

October 9-11, 2013 ULearn: Collaborate, Innovate, Educate, Hamilton, New Zealand.http://ulearn.core-ed.org/

October 9-11, 2013 International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies (AICT), 7th, Baku, Azerbaijan. http://www.aict.info/2013/

October 9-11, 2013 Association of Bookmobiles and Outreach Services (ABOS) Annual Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. http://abos-outreach.org/conference/2013-conference/

October 9-13, 2013 Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC) Annual, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. http://www.ccumc.org/

October 10-12, 2013 Civic Engagement / Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility, organized by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), location to be announced (TBA), USA. http://www.aacu.org/meetings/networkforacademicrenewal.cfm

October 10-12, 2013 International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning (ISETL), 43rd, annual, Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.isetl.org/conference/index.cfm

October 10-12, 2013 National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAS) Annual Meeting, Hyatt Regency St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. http://nasad.arts-accredit.org/index.jsp?page=Next+Annual+Meeting

October 11-13, 2013 Sciences of Electronics, Technologies of Information and Telecommunications Conference (SETIT 2011), 7th, Chongquing, China,http://www.setit.rnu.tn/2013

October 12-15, 2013 University and College Designers Association (UCDA) Design Conference, 43rd, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. http://ucda.com/conference.lasso

October 13-15, 2013 Distance Education and Training Council’s (DETC) Fall Workshop, The Windsor Court Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. http://www.detc.org/meetingsReports.html

October 15-18, 2013 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, also offered online, Anaheim, California, USA. http://net.educause.edu/content.asp?PAGE_ID=1352&bhcp=1

October 16-18, 2013 International Council for Distance Education (ICDE) World Conference, 25th, hosted by Tianjin Open University, Tianjin, China. http://icde.org/

October 17-20, 2013 Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES), Denver, Colorado, USA. http://www.acesonline.net/

October 17-20, 2013 Professional Nursing Education and Development: Lessons from Oz – Assuring Future Capabilities for Future Nursing Education and Practice, 40th, annual, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. http://pneg.org/2013-conference/

October 18-19, 2013 International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) International Conference: Construction of International Collaboration with Telemedicine, 18th, Takamatsu, Japan.https://dl.dropbox.com/u/70583268/18th%20ISfTeH%20Conference%20Flyer%20-%20Japan%202013.pdf or http://www.isfteh.org/

October 19-23, 2013 Library and Information Society of New Zealand (LIANZA), Claudelands Conference and Exhibition Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand. http://www.lianza.org.nz/news-events/conferences/lianza-conference-2013

October 20-24, 2013 InfoComm Middle East and Africa: Information Communications Marketplace, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. www.infocomm.org or https://infocomm-mea.com/

October 21-22, 2013 Innovation and Transformation in Learning and Teaching, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://web3.tarc.edu.my/v1/tic/default.asp

October 21-22, 2013 International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning (ICICKM), 10th, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA. http://academic-conferences.org/icickm/icickm2013/icickm13-home.htm

October 21-22, 2013 Academic Medical and Health Science Centers, organized by Tradeline Inc., Kissimmee, Florida, USA. http://www.tradelineinc.com/conferences/

October 21-23, 2013 American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Annual Meeting, location to be announced (TBA), USA. http://www.aascu.org/MeetingsCalendar/

October 21-25, 2013 E-Learn: World Conference on e-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.aace.org/conf/

October 22-25, 2013 European Conference on Information Literacy, Istanbul, Turkey.http://www.ilconf.org/

October 23-25, 2013 DevLearn, sponsored by the e-Learning Guild, Aria Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. http://www.elearningguild.com/content.cfm?selection=doc.24#more

October 23-25, 2013 North American Council for Staff, Program and Organizational Development (NCSPOD), 36th annual, Tempe Mission Palms, Tempe, Arizona, USA.http://www.ncspod.org/

October 23-25, 2013 European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), organized by Hacettepe University and Zagreb University, Istanbul, Turkey. http://www.ilconf.org/

October 23-26, 2013 Frontiers in Education Conference, 43rd, organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Renaissance Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/conferencedetails/index.html?Conf_ID=20446or http://fie2013.org/

October 27-29, 2013 College and University Professional Association for Human Resources(CUPAHR) Annual Conference, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.http://www.cupahr.org/conferences/upcomingevents.aspx

October 27-30, 2013 STEMtech Conference: Emphasizing Student Success in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, organized by the League for Innovation in the Community College, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://www.league.org/calendar.cfm

October 27-November 1, 2013 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), 22nd, sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), San Francisco, California, USA. http://www.cikm2013.org/

October 28-29, 2013 College and University Science Facilities, organized by Tradeline Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, USA. http://www.tradelineinc.com/conferences/

October 28-30, 2013 Instructional Coaching Conference: A Global Summit on Coaching, 8thannual, Oread Hotel, Lawrence, Kansas, USA.http://instructionalcoach.org/conferences/details/eighth-annual-instructional-coaching-conference

October 31-November 2, 2013 Engaged STEM and Integrative Learning, (STEM = science, technology, engineering and mathematics), organized by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, San Diego, California, USA.http://www.aacu.org/meetings/networkforacademicrenewal.cfm

October ? 2013 Science, Technology, Higher Education and Society in the Conceptual Age, Orlando, Florida, USA. http://www.sthesca.eu/

October ? 2013 Asia-Pacific Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, biennial, Shanghai, China.http://ssih.org/apmsh


November 1-6, 2013 The Information Society for the Information Age, 76th annual, sponsored by the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), Le Centre Sheraton, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. http://www.asis.org/conferences.html

November 2-5, 2013 Chief Academic Officers Institute, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. http://www.cic.edu/meetings-and-events/Annual-Conferences/CAO-Institute/Pages/default.aspx

November 3-6, 2013 Canadian Bureau for International Education Conference (CBIE), 47th, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.http://www.cbie.ca/english/aboutus/events.htm

November 3-6, 2013 Elliott Masie’s Learning 2013, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA.http://www.masie.com or http://www.learning2013.com/

November 3-6, 2013 Leadership Summit and Educational Forum, organized by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia, USA. http://setda.org/web/guest/events

November 6-8, 2013 International Conference on Computer-Aided Blended Learning, 5th, biennial. Florianópolis, Brazil. http://www.icbl-conference.org/2013/

November 7-8, 2013 SharePoint Symposium, Renaissance Washington, Washington, DC, USA.http://www.sharepointsymposium.com/2012/

November 7-10, 2013 University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. http://www.ucea.org/future-conventions/

November 7-10, 2013 Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) National Forum: Creation, Collaboration, Community, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. http://www.lita.org/

November 10-13, 2013 American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Strategic Enrollment Management (AACRAO) Conference, 23rd annual, Hilton Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA. http://www.aacrao.org/

November 13-15, 2013 National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) Fall Leadership Conference, Washington Court Hotel, Washington, DC, USA.http://www.naicu.edu/events/2013-fall-leadership-conference

November 13-16, 2013 Vietnam Telecomp: International Exhibition in Vietnam on Telecommunications and Information Technology, 15th, Saigon, Vietnam. http://vietnam-telecomp.com/VNC13/Main/lang-eng/Information.aspx

November 14-15, 2013 Ubiquitous Learning, 6th, Universidad Nacional de Educación Distancia, Madrid, Spain. http://ubi-learn.com/the-conference

November 14-15, 2013 mLearning: Tips and Techniques for Development, Implementation and Evaluation, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online.http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

November 14-16, 2013 Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), Hyatt at the Arch, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. http://www.ashe.ws

November 14-17, 2013 Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Policy Forum, The Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, Virginia, USA.http://www.ccsso.org/News_and_Events/Meetings_and_Events.html

November 15-16, 2013 Global Conference on Education, sponsored by the School of Education, University of Riverside, Los Angeles, California, USA.http://www.uofriverside.com/edconference.html

November 17-19, 2013 E-Activities (e-Learning, e-Communities, e-Commerce, e-Management, e-Marketing, e-Governance and Tele-working), 11th, sponsored by World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), Nanjing Forestry University, China. http://www.wseas.org/

November 17-19, 2013 International Conference on Tourism and Economic Development, 1st, organized by the North Atlantic University Union (NAUN), Nanjing Forestry University, China.http://www.naun.org/

November 19-22, 2013 California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA), 53rd, Pasadena, California, USA. http://www.cetpa-k12.org

November 20-22, 2013 Sloan Consortium Online Learning, 19th annual, Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA. http://sloanconsortium.org/aln

November 20-22, 2013 Corporate Information Systems Group (CISG) of the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA), Brighton, UK.http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/groups/cisg/Events/2013/cisg2013.aspx

November 21-24, 2013 American Studies Association, Hilton Washington, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.theasa.net/annual_meeting/page/future_meetings/

November ?, 2013 Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF7), co-hosted by the Commonwealth of Learning, the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education, and the National Open University of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria. http://www.col.org/progServ/panComm/Pages/pcf.aspx


December 1-5, 2013 Learning Forward Annual Conference: Connect, Engage, Learn, Virtually, organized by the International Non-profit Association of Learning Educators ((formerly known as the National Staff Development Council – NSDC), Boston, Massachusetts, USA.http://www.learningforward.org/default.aspx

December 5-7, 2013 Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Annual Convention and Career Tech Expo, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.http://www.acteonline.org/futuremeetings.aspx

December 9-10, 2013 Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) Membership Meeting, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.cni.org/events/membership-meetings/future-meetings/

December 12-13, 2013 Graphics and Animations for eLearning: Best Practices, Tips and Techniques, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online.http://www.elearningguild.com/online-forums/content/1562/schedule-at-a-glance/

December 16-17, 2013 Asian Forum on Business Education (AFBE) Conference, Calcutta Business School, Calcutta, India. http://www.afbe.biz/main/

SOURCE: http://elearningtech.blogspot.com/

Nine Training Alternatives to ‘Correct’ and ‘Incorrect’

Imagine a trainer at the front of the room responding to a participant’s comment by saying nothing more than “You’re right!” or “Incorrect.” Imagine this happening over and over again.

Even though it seems futile, this is one of the most common types of feedback we use in e-learning courses to respond to user actions and answers. In fact, many authoring tools come with these vacuous statements as their default response.

If we’re going after higher-order thinking and maximum learning transfer, then we’re giving up a golden opportunity when we forgo real feedback and instead resort to “correct” and “incorrect.” We need to find ways to close the feedback loop.

You Have Lots of Options

There are many strategies for providing feedback, depending on the context and type of instruction, the objectives of the learning activity, and the audience’s level of expertise. Let’s look at some of your options for providing feedback that is sufficiently informative and moves the learner forward.

1. Real World Consequences

Analog World: Some of the most ideal feedback replicates what happens in the analog world. In simulations and virtual worlds, learners are given a chance to explore, manipulate and practice so they can learn in a safe environment.

In a reasonably accurate simulation, feedback occurs naturally as the result of an action. For example, in a driving simulation, turning a simulated steering wheel to the right appears to turn the car to the right. That’s feedback.

Digital World: Then again, sometimes our simulations replicate the digital world, as in a software simulation. Too often, software simulations are completely canned, so that users can only take one action. If possible, allow for more interactivity so learners can try out the simulated software a bit to better understand how to perform a task. With more flexibility, the feedback simulates the real (digital) world. For example, when the learner clicks a menu item, the menu displays. That’s real world feedback.

We often don’t have the budget for highly robust or complex simulations, so let’s look at some other options.

2. Hints and Cues

During interactions, learners might require several tries in order to clarify a learning point or fine-tune their discriminatory skills. If this is the type of interaction you’re designing, then valuable hints and cues are a good way to assist learners without completely taking away the benefit of making errors.

3. Branching in Stories and Scenarios

When using stories and scenarios in e-learning, it’s natural to take learners down a different path depending on their response. That’s a type of feedback. For example, in an emergency medical training course, the choice of one drug results in stabilizing a patient whereas the choice of another drug results in dangerously high blood-pressure levels.

The difficult part from a design and development perspective is to determine how many paths to design and implement. A simpler approach is to design short forks in the road and then merge the two or three paths back together. It’s one way to avoid a huge design and development effort.

Sensitive Feedback_Elearningguru4. Context-Sensitive Feedback

If you don’t want to build many paths in a story or scenario, simply provide unique feedback specific to each response. In the medical scenario above, an incorrect choice would produce feedback about the danger of the selected drug and request that the learner select another one. Even though context-sensitive feedback is not as compelling as branching, it is more engaging than a facts-only exercise and probably more beneficial to learning.

I think that context-sensitive feedback should be the minimal type of feedback we provide as learning experience designers. This means that we should always provide unique feedback that is specific to each response or action the learner takes. It works in multiple-choice tests as well as games, stories and virtual environments.

5. Incentivized Feedback

Although there is no one type of feedback in learning games, gaining points or completing a challenge is motivating. This type of feedback acts as an incentive to continue playing the game and learning.

As Karl Kapp writes in The Gamification of Learning and Instruction, “A player gets caught up in playing a game because the instant feedback and constant interaction are related to the challenge of the game, which is defined by the rules, which all work within the system to provoke an emotional reaction and, finally, result in a quantifiable outcome within an abstract version of a larger system.”

6. Peer or Social Feedback

In a training context, you can use collaborative and social media tools to give and receive peer feedback from colleagues. For example, if you were designing a course for new coaches, you could set up a Facebook Group page for discussion. Then request that participants write about how they would handle a specific coaching situation.

The participants would comment on how each coach managed the fictitious problem and everyone would learn in the process. The added bonus here is that the act of critiquing and commenting can help reviewers themselves, according to one study where undergraduate students critiqued each others writing. (Cho and Cho, 2011)

See Social Media for Trainers by Jane Bozarth for more ways to use social media for learning.

7. Explanatory Feedback

You can apply explanatory feedback to any learning experience in which errors are caused by misconceptions or a lack of knowledge. If your design has frequent opportunities for learners to respond, then you can catch and remediate misconceptions as the learner is constructing meaning.

In particular, explanatory feedback, rather than corrective feedback, is a good choice for discovery learning as it helps learners build accurate mental models. In addition, there is evidence that explanatory feedback reduces cognitive load. (Moreno, 2004)

8. Self-Directed Feedback

Motivated or mature learners can benefit from self-directed feedback. As the learning designer, you can present thoughtful questions that encourage learner reflection, self-evaluation and self-assessment.

For example, after requesting that learners write a short essay response to a question, provide an ideal response or specific criteria as feedback. Then let learners evaluate their own essay and compare it to the ideal. There are many types of self-evaluation questions that can encourage higher-order thinking and reflection.

9. Worked Examples as Feedback

Worked-out examples are step-by-step demonstrations of how to solve a problem. They are thought to be effective with learners who have limited prerequisite knowledge because these examples reduce cognitive load. (Sweller, et al, 1998)

If the focus of your instruction is problem solving, then you can provide worked-out examples for learners to study and then again as feedback after they solve a problem. Note that worked examples are not effective for learners who are skilled at a task as it interferes with their ability to solve problems like an expert.

Source: Mindflash

How to Create a Training Video

The first-ever moving picture, shot in 1878, was intended to answer a pretty simple-sounding question: How do horses move their legs when they run? Before the advent of the moving picture, it wasn’t known. But string several frames together in quick succession, and voila! The answer becomes clear.

Fast-forward a hundred and thirty-something years later, and our video technology has advanced so far that you could now record a horse running in three dimensions on a camera small enough to put in your back pocket. But an important lesson from that first running horse “movie” remains: when it comes to answering some straightforward questions, a 10-second tutorial video sometimes says more than an entire novel could.

That’s important to keep in mind if you’re thinking about including video tutorials as part of an e-learning oronline training program. And with the proliferation of video-editing software, video-sharing sites like Vimeo and YouTube, and consumer-priced, high-quality digital cameras, it’s now easier than ever to include video in your presentations. Used properly, a video can give a training program a dynamic new element that helps learners get the most out of their training material.

Video EditingWhy video?

Before you start recording video tutorials, it’s important to consider what sorts of problems are best resolved through video. For instance, short videos are especially good for showing or demonstrating actions or behaviors that cannot be adequately represented in writing (like the horse running). That’s why video’s great for showing how to perform a physical task, or for demonstrating soft-skill training in action, like a sales technique.

On the other hand, there are times when video may not make as much sense. For training materials you expect people to have to come back to many times, you might be wise to leave those in writing (or, if you prefer, offer both). Further, video is a one-way medium, so it works well in instances where the learner isn’t expected to participate directly (lectures, how-to’s, etc.)

Once you’ve determined that video makes sense for your training need, it’s time to start making a movie.

First things first

It’s important to remember that simplicity is best with training videos — you’re not making Transformers IV here. That said, a few preparations go a long way. Writing out a script in advance (and practicing it a few times) will make the narration much smoother. You can also storyboard out the shots you want to get. If you’re recording sound, make sure you’re using a decent microphone — the one on your camera (or phone, if you’re using that) just isn’t going to sound very good.

And … action!

few tips on shooting video:

  • For stationary shots, use a tripod, or at least rest the camera on something stable. Nothing’s worse than shaky camerawork.
  • Keep shots brief – eight or 10 seconds at the max, unless there’s a good reason for a longer take.
  • Do multiple takes of some shots. They’ll almost definitely get better, and getting a clean take can mean less editing work later on.
  • Skip long introductions, and lead with the most important information. One of the most common complaints about tutorial videos is that they’re too long, so the faster you can get to the relevant information, the better. Add context and further information later on.


People don’t expect snazzy special effects in training videos, so don’t waste time on fancy transitions or graphics. That said, there are a few things you can do post-production to help the video along. But remember — keep things brief. Different sources come up with different numbers on this, but typically try to keep videos to under three minutes. Some people even suggest breaking those down into 30-second or 1-minute videos that are searchable through a table of contents.

While complicated graphics and text-heavy screens are a no-go, the occasional illustration can sometimes work wonders. Studies show even simple doodles can get a lot of information across, and can even provide a little comic relief. If you do have a text screen, be sure to allow people enough time to read it — typically give an extra 30 percent of the time it took you to read it.

Finally, if you’re going to use narration, be sure you’ve got a script ready. That said, don’t sound too stiff — you want to go slowly enough that people can understand you, but quickly enough to sound natural. Adding an option for closed captioning may also make sense if some of your learners don’t speak English as a first language.

Ultimately, a the thing to remember is that training videos should be brief and concise, simple and straightforward, and should get relevant information across in an easy-to-understand method. As long as you accomplish that, your training videos will add a great new element to your training lessons.

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This article is taken from Mindflash.

Online Course Design – Infographic

Source: Mindflash

If you’re an experienced educator, you’re probably used to designing classroom courses. However, when you step away from the blackboard and into the world of virtual learning, you need a whole new set of tools and practices to guarantee your program is a success.

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Online Course Infographic

Online Course Infographic


LMS and LCMS – A Comparison Between Definitions

This article is taken from Mindflash

LMS&LCMS What is the DifferenceMany organizations looking to add more e-learning elements to their company training programs get stuck choosing between two similar-sounding, but ultimately different, systems: Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS). There are a number of similarities between the two, and recently many software packages have blurred the differences between them. However, there are a few key differences that organizations should keep in mind when looking for an online training system.

LMS: A platform for managing people

An LMS provides the simplest platform for managing the experience of students or trainees as they interact withe-learning content. One of the assumptions about an LMS, which will become clearer in the explanation of an LCMS, is that the content has already been created, and that it’s in the right format to be compatible with these systems. Beyond that, most LMS packages have several similarities in common:

  • An emphasis on registering participants, tracking their activity, and gauging their progress through online coursework.
  • Interaction with existing Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), to track the pool of those eligible for participation, and for reporting back outcomes.
  • Increasing the use of talent management functionality, which sometimes overlaps with functions being performed by HRIS.
  • In some cases, tools for analytics and performance management are included.

LCMS: The platform for managing content creation

An LCMS provides a more complex platform meant for developing content used in e-learning programs. Many LCMS packages available on the market also contain tools that resemble those used in an LMS, and most assume that an LMS is already in place. The emphasis in an LCMS is the ability for developers to create new material. Most content-management systems have several aspects in common:

  • A focus on creating, developing, and managing content for online courses, with far less emphasis placed on managing the experience of learners.
  • A multi-user environment that allows several developers to interact and exchange tools.
  • A learning object repository containing learning materials, which are commonly used components that are archived so as to be searchable and adaptable to any online course.

Organizations that have all their existing materials in commonly used business software formats – like Microsoft Office products – will find that few LMS platforms allow for them to simply be imported and modified. Those materials need to be created from scratch, and to do that you will need an LCMS.

The Unique Case of Managing Education Environments

A number of LMS platforms serve the education market, including some of the most well known, such asBlackboard. There are a few key differences that make education packages unique, and that may also obscure the boundary between LMS and LCMS.

  • An assumption that a campus will already have a number of IT environments for managing registration and enrollment, so the emphasis is on compatibility with those systems.
  • A number of content-authoring and creation tools that resemble those found in what are otherwise described as LCMS platforms.
  • An emphasis on semester-long interaction with a teacher, leading to more options for communication such as email, discussion rooms, wikis, or sometimes blogs.

Which One Do You Need?

Despite the nuances and complexities of different packages, a few simple generalizations can help organizations make a choice when choosing between an LMS and an LCMS.

  • The C stands for “create.” The C in LCMS actually stands for “content,” but in reality LMS and LCMS are both concerned with content. But if you need to create it, then go with an LCMS.
  • An LMS is focused on managing how individuals participate in e-learning programs; an LCMS is concerned with how content for e-learning is created.
  • An organization that already employs its own trainers and coaches should consider an LCMS that will allow these individuals to convert their existing knowledge into training materials that make sense for them; organizations content to purchase “off the shelf” components should choose an LMS.

Because of inconsistencies in the way different platforms are made and marketed, be sure to pay close attention to the details of any new product you select. Over time, these two choices will continue to evolve to meet changing demand for e-learning.


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